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@vm-wylbur vm-wylbur/Makefile
Created Jan 1, 2019

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create LaTeX from Rmd, using a Makefile, the HRDAG way
# Authors: PB
# Maintainers: PB
# Copyright: 2018, HRDAG, GPL v2 or later
# ============================================
R_OPTS=--no-save --no-restore --no-init-file --no-site-file
KNITR="rmarkdown::render('$<', output_format='md_document', output_dir='output/')"
all: output/some-file.tex \
output/some-file.tex: \
Rscript $(R_OPTS) -e $(KNITR)
pandoc -s output/ -t latex -o $@
-rm output/ src/*html output/*html
# done.
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