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Created Feb 20, 2019
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send values to zabbix without sender
# ver 0.1
# emulate zabbix_sender -z zabbix -s eol.lan -k systemd.abandoned -v 35
NUM=$(echo -n "35" | perl -e 'foreach$c(split(//,<STDIN>)){printf"%x",ord($c);}')
echo -n "5a425844015c000000000000007b2272657175657374223a2273656e6465722064617461222c2264617461223a5b7b22686f7374223a22656f6c2e6c616e222c226b6579223a2273797374656d642e6162616e646f6e6564222c2276616c7565223a22${NUM}227d5d7d" | xxd -r -p | nc $ZBX 10051
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