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Last active May 1, 2018

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Solutions (Yay!)

  • So Hard (HARD101)

    It was the easiest question on the list. You just have to sort the array and swap the middle elements.

    P.S. : Next time pay attention to the example test case.

  • An exclusive problem (EXCL18)

    xor each character of the input string with 18.

    18 was mentioned in the problem code EXCL18 and in the problem statement. Also the girl's name was ROXy.

  • A message through time (TIME14)

    An interstellar reference (The watch was coded in morse). If you're not a movie buff, the input constraints are the letters of Samuel Morse.

    Oh, and in '14 interstellar came out. Just sayin. Watch that movie if you haven't.

  • Fool You(ristica) (FOOLU18)

    Go back to Euristica website. You'll find an old saying 'Divide by 2 and add 5' encoded in binary there.

  • A handy machine

    Credits: Pascal (See what we did there ^_^).

    Also the python code for the same.

import sys
for s in list(sys.stdin):
    print(eval(s.strip().replace('?', '-').replace('!', '*').replace('%', '+').replace('$', '/')))
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