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NDH2015 Quals weshgrow
import struct
class BHE(object):
# state = [1336226589, 251977347, 716107527, 1774966033]
state = [struct.unpack("<I", x.decode('hex'))[0] for x in ['ca8473d3', '5a80a5ca', '4e9f3555', 'c2869f71']]
def to_hex(self, x):
return struct.pack("<I", x).encode('hex')
def round(self, byte):
c = 162888806
for i in range(3, 0, -1):
self.state[i] = (self.state[0] * self.state[i] + self.state[0] * byte) % 4294967295
self.state[0] = (self.state[0] * c + self.state[1] * byte) % 4294967295
def hash(self, data):
for char in data:
print "STATES =", self.state
return "".join([self.to_hex(x) for x in self.state])
b = BHE()
print b.hash("flag")
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