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Last active Jun 16, 2022
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Ryanair api endpoints

API domains



Flight info


Availability and fares info

Fair Finder

One way


Cheapest per day as well as availability:

FareFinder Image paths is an JSON file in which several picture paths are declared :)




Requires auth/session

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wesleygas commented Jan 7, 2020

It seems that almost all endpoints except for schedules, availability and farefinder are returning 404/401. Months passed since I've created my account and I still haven't heard from them.

I'm especially interested in the Airport data, does anyone has any lead about how to get it?

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barrypearseburke commented Feb 1, 2020

Hi Guys
Ive been using
to give me the cheapest rates per day.
The api is seem cheaper for a lot of flights compared to the website from what i can see. Anybody else use this and get this?

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