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Gulpfile for Rails application with replaced Sprockets with Gulp
'use strict'
var gulp, sass, babelify, browserify, watchify, source, util;
gulp = require('gulp');
sass = require('gulp-sass');
babelify = require('babelify')
browserify = require('browserify');
watchify = require('watchify');
source = require('vinyl-source-stream');
util = require('gulp-util');
var sassPath, sassSource, jsSource;
sassPath = './app/assets/stylesheets/**/*.sass';
sassSource = ['./app/assets/stylesheets/application.sass'];
jsSource = './app/assets/javascripts/app.js';
function compile(watch) {
var bundler = watchify(browserify({entries: jsSource, debug: true}).transform(babelify));
function bundle() {
.on('error', util.log.bind(util, "Browserify Error"))
if (watch) {
bundler.on('update', function(){
console.log("Recompiling JS...");
gulp.task('default', ['compile-sass', 'compile-es6']);
gulp.task('compile-sass', function() {
.pipe(sass({ indentedSyntax: true, errLogToConsole: true }))
gulp.task('compile-es6', function() {
gulp.task('watch', ['watch-sass', 'watch-es6']);
gulp.task('watch-sass', function() {, ['compile-sass']);
gulp.task('watch-es6', function() {

Hey, just wondering which gems I should use to implement this in my application?

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