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Installing Alpine Linux in OpenBSD's VMM Hypervisor
# Assuming you're a regular user that has doas allowances for vmctl
mkdir -p ~/vmm
cd ~/vmm
# Grab the the one of the virt iso's of Alpine Linux
curl -o alpine-virt-3.6.0-x86_64.iso
# Make a new virtual disk image, change the size as needed
vmctl create alpine-virt.img -s 6G
# Boot Alpine from the ISO. Make sure you have this exact disk order because as of 29 May 2017
# VMM's SeaBIOS will only try to boot from the first one it seems!
# Also, this assumes:
# - you want 1024M of memory, tune as desired
# - you configured a virtual switch called "local" in your /etc/vm.conf
# (see:
doas vmctl start alpine -d alpine-virt-3.6.0-x86_64.iso -d alpine-virt.img -n local -m 1024M -c
# You shoud get a serial console connection immediately. Hit enter or whatever to boot Alpine.
# Once in Alpine, run:
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Looks like recent patch in 7.2 fixed this. Thank you!

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