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Last active Dec 18, 2015
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<!DOCTYPE html>
<html xmlns="">
<title>D3 and Knockout</title>
<script src="knockout-2.2.1.js"></script>
<script src="lib/d3.v2.js"></script>
<link rel="stylesheet" href="src/nv.d3.css" type="text/css"/>
var nrects = 1;
function Rect() {
var self = this;
self.x = ko.observable(0);
self.y = ko.observable(0);
self.w = ko.observable(100);
self.h = ko.observable(100); = ko.observable("rect" + nrects++);
self.rect = ko.computed(function(){
// In our case it doesn't matter we return; this function just needs to be
// something that reads the values of the properties we're interested in
return {x:self.x(), y:self.y(), w:self.w(), h:self.h()};
function ViewModel() {
var self = this;
self.rects = ko.observableArray([]);
self.addRect = function () {
self.rects.push(new Rect(self));
var drag = d3.behavior.drag()
.on("drag", function (d) {
// Update the view model
d.x(parseInt(d.x()) + d3.event.dx);
d.y(parseInt(d.y()) + d3.event.dy);
window.onload = function() {
var vm = new ViewModel();
function update(data) {
// Join elements with data
var rects ="#svg")
.data(data, function (d) { return; });
// Create new elements by transitioning them in
.attr("id", function (d) { return; })
.attr("opacity", 0.0)
.attr("opacity", 0.5);
// Update existing ones by setting their x, y, etc
rects.attr("x", function (d) { return d.x(); })
.attr("y", function (d) { return d.y(); })
.attr("width", function (d) { return d.w(); })
.attr("height", function (d) { return d.h(); })
var subs = []; // for keeping track of subscriptions
// Listen for changes to the view model data...
vm.rects.subscribe(function (newValue) {
// Dispose any existing subscriptions
ko.utils.arrayForEach(subs, function (sub) { sub.dispose(); });
// And create new ones...
ko.utils.arrayForEach(newValue, function (item) {
subs.push(item.rect.subscribe(function () {
// Add one to get us started
vm.rects.push(new Rect());
<button data-bind="click:addRect">Add</button>
<div data-bind="foreach: rects">
x:<input data-bind="value: x" size="6"/>
y:<input data-bind="value: y" size="6"/>
w:<input data-bind="value: w" size="6"/>
h:<input data-bind="value: h" size="6"/>
<svg id="svg" width="500px" height="500px"/>
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voyce commented Jun 22, 2013

A quick example of combining Knockout-driven data with D3. More info here:

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