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Last active Feb 25, 2020
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How to use `enum` values as strictly typed object keys in TypeScript.
enum DialogButton {
YES = "yes",
NO = "no",
CANCEL = "cancel"
interface IDialog {
buttons: { [B in DialogButton]?: boolean },
callback: (button: DialogButton) => void
const dialog: IDialog = {
buttons: {
[DialogButton.YES]: true,
[DialogButton.NO]: false
callback(button) {
console.log(DialogButton.YES in dialog.buttons) // true
console.log(DialogButton.NO in dialog.buttons) // true
console.log(DialogButton.CANCEL in dialog.buttons) // false
console.log(dialog.buttons[DialogButton.YES]) // true
console.log(dialog.buttons[DialogButton.NO]) // false
console.log(dialog.buttons[DialogButton.CANCEL]) // undefined
dialog.callback(DialogButton.YES) // yes
dialog.callback(DialogButton.NO) // no
dialog.callback(DialogButton.CANCEL) // cancel
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