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Attestation for RLN Trusted Setup Ceremony MPC Phase 2 Trusted Setup ceremony
Hey, I'm vpavlin-4759808 and I have contributed to the RLN Trusted Setup Ceremony MPC Phase2 Trusted Setup ceremony.
The following are my contribution signatures:
Circuit # 1 (rln-withdraw)
Contributor # 17
Contribution Hash: 99b1a708 f0567688 fc20ed2c fd1fa32c
d7b1fbc6 1e7c0654 70724cce 499be2e8
f8478199 0c13f4d0 a8275a51 94070ce5
1421c8df 401d2099 bb2800d8 ebd4256e
Circuit # 2 (rln-16)
Contributor # 17
Contribution Hash: b3a60e8b 74b44aa4 f9b6be12 1b58ddb1
01ba37a5 3a172a65 669c2ef3 7bded22a
e847d2c2 f34a2a47 2ece32d1 ac32f463
83b11a99 74f92afa e9cc1e2a 55b1abc5
Circuit # 3 (rln-17)
Contributor # 17
Contribution Hash: 91fb29aa 28e474b6 4fe87343 545b07d2
a03c6e55 c76b3900 eab330ed 3f80a2f8
a6604ddf 3378be02 1c3f8e17 641505be
0ddbb935 d4f5f5f0 13421026 b6375190
Circuit # 4 (rln-18)
Contributor # 17
Contribution Hash: b2bf33ae 8a377671 2e1beb3b 0e7cd5ec
d6e5f32b c0bd08e6 b86cc15a 0d6089e3
24e216eb 272826bf 9af4dc47 10722a76
5d698979 26631187 2cb84349 075bf334
Circuit # 5 (rln-19)
Contributor # 16
Contribution Hash: 1194a656 c3c6a3a5 024ae2f0 27340968
f89e7c41 a2b95778 a0caadf1 6e7a8172
708ee5e1 94e35ff8 06386c68 54a828a5
88824207 3fcc3e37 e4ed5ba4 8f63f230
Circuit # 6 (rln-20)
Contributor # 16
Contribution Hash: d60ea711 5e3bb3f4 6b778385 1cfc96ce
0a73a9b2 f0c12ffa 630c9e34 37db8f6b
65b08255 00a9b29e dc93005d 8098dc7d
74cdb40b b973f266 bd45601c e6fbf0d5
Circuit # 7 (rln-21)
Contributor # 16
Contribution Hash: 4fd7fc30 e7602d64 c82b0414 d0c6d835
43ba498f 32518952 de0d8c6d 5d35d709
2677115b a4b88f8d 9a7ff017 c1f53b3f
3224f645 7ba28081 b78de3e3 7645fed1
Circuit # 8 (rln-22)
Contributor # 16
Contribution Hash: 44c0ebb8 989909a6 d1d5e266 73cb3b38
72b373f3 2da1dc8f cd34bd4f f45fb2e3
e1fc16e1 52cd1af6 acf4c567 5eb894a9
24aa6f0e 21bbdb3e 33fae1db a0fe60f2
Circuit # 9 (rln-23)
Contributor # 15
Contribution Hash: 824251f3 2795202d 8191a4c7 a169d470
18692b77 55e26064 e8fc18bd e7a0742a
7c7516ee 8b50323f d068ac54 e112dd1e
d47532c1 a22c11d5 c1839ba7 12399150
Circuit # 10 (rln-24)
Contributor # 15
Contribution Hash: 8ee8f40d c217385f 03527e9f 1f4f0643
d89eb402 efd16b15 7039f488 462abc85
2b137ffd 36ecd55a f48e0548 69ba8646
21a42325 ace2e763 c97607fc 16befc27
Circuit # 11 (rln-25)
Contributor # 15
Contribution Hash: 5d1c650c cd73c50c cccfab04 3f8b5403
af7c1e3a 238eec45 6962048a 9c365f7a
2cff6499 5a946b93 cdbec433 85c43555
aed40006 a621f841 bcb48074 bbc802ca
Circuit # 12 (rln-26)
Contributor # 15
Contribution Hash: e054142b b39d1867 b90f76de f3d78bf6
3925c273 a366349b 86f50967 d390c637
32abd911 da766886 aba64e55 83c0f7c5
3a25a663 2e708f58 6ea95e38 862bd92b
Circuit # 13 (rln-27)
Contributor # 15
Contribution Hash: 23dce290 8d439be7 a0f18472 4b92e74b
195111c2 a676eb8c b350ef02 62a2fc80
101e7e52 007f5b11 acdbce79 bc6c5500
99821d76 0358e2ca 0280b3f0 c120ee22
Circuit # 14 (rln-28)
Contributor # 15
Contribution Hash: a19abe74 afb9f586 c52d6e1c 32795c80
f8c87e21 4c5aa0d3 1a4234b9 59ca37cb
71a0359c 6d3bf197 566f0a1c c39b2fb7
deb38384 2f4dec5b 751b8c4d 5f5755e3
Circuit # 15 (rln-29)
Contributor # 15
Contribution Hash: f842cbb5 ada278c3 e9063724 556074e5
e1d3a817 49f077f1 cdb529c2 3d27791d
50369cef 01ef0fbf 9f950245 37c828ec
1d6c2a05 87083b76 1048c05d 04acae07
Circuit # 16 (rln-30)
Contributor # 15
Contribution Hash: 4b491167 bfeab3c5 c1acad90 cc99d1b7
430bd883 a4eaed44 c8829b7d dbdf9a2e
fa81927f 2e501f01 7dd0beb7 9cb50d5d
3fd201a6 7b357ba4 463fc3b4 5000a4b5
Circuit # 17 (rln-31)
Contributor # 15
Contribution Hash: cb5f9bd9 ced4a739 3c710a18 27a93b8b
8e6ea32a 9bc3d095 56145b84 18057700
397cb35b caa57ba2 f012b114 ca949296
32198ab7 b6dee813 2b515f71 1f946615
Circuit # 18 (rln-32)
Contributor # 15
Contribution Hash: 61c99516 8c2f9b1c 751f5ffa ab09a24b
907d18d0 9684e1af e9d5b91f 51bd6809
44e9ef58 62378c09 5985bffd 59f2cda2
c555e8ea af695ed7 9d76df33 e168ab74
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