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bundle agent __main__ {
"path" string => getenv("PATH", 1024);
"path_folders" slist => splitstring("$(path)", ":", 128);
"exact_versions" slist => maplist("$(this)/python[23]", @(path_folders));
"just_python" slist => maplist("$(this)/python", @(path_folders));
"globs" slist => getvalues(mergedata(@(exact_versions), @(just_python)));
"python[$(globs)]" slist => findfiles("$(globs)");
View kernel_structured_logging.rst

Doing structured logging from kernel

For obvious reasons it's impossible to use the sd_journal C API from kernel to do structured logging. However, there are mechanisms for passing key=value pairs as extra data for log messages.

The standard way of reporting/logging from kernel is the printk() function. As its name suggests, it's very similar to the well-known printf() function from libc, but it has some specialties related to the fact that it's

View weak_deps.rst

Weak dependencies for blivet and libblockdev

RPM weak dependencies are now fully supported in Fedora. They are even part of the `packaging guidelines`__. There are two kinds of weak dependencies both having forward and backward forms (respectively):

  • weak - Recommends:, Supplements: and
  • hint - Suggests:, Enhances:
View storage_events.rst

Reporting and monitoring storage events

With any type of storage failures and errors happen. Depending on the setup and the their extent such failures and errors might be anything from being just annoying or absolutely critical. However, they all have one thing in common -- they need to be properly reported so that counter-actions and fixups can happen.

What does properly mean here? The failures and errors need to be reported:

View task_storage_size.adb
procedure Task_Storage_Size is
task type My_Task (Id : Natural); -- works just fine without the discriminant
task body My_Task is
X : Natural := Id;
X := X ** 10;
type My_Task_Access is access My_Task
with Storage_Size => 4 * My_Task'Max_size_in_storage_elements;
from gi.repository import BlockDev as blockdev
def print_args(*args):
# set print_args() as the logging function
blockdev.reinit(None, False, print_args)
View blockdev_extra_args.rst


  1. Many functions in libblockdev utilities that take lots of extra options and arguments. Adding separate parameters for all these options would complicate things a lot for the majority of use cases that don't need to specify them. And having multiple functions for the same thing just with different sets of arguments would be basically the same.
  2. Adding extra arguments to functions means API breakage. The only solution
View type_specific.patch
commit 04f7cc5d1a9d1e8f180394e90953c16255b48b24
Author: Vratislav Podzimek <>
Date: Mon Jan 25 16:26:19 2016 +0100
Add a test for the to-be-used @type_specific decorator
When objects of various (sub)types need to be represented by a single class
(e.g. because their (sub)types can change in time), it's nice to implement the
(sub)type specific code in mixin classes the single resulting class inherits
from. With thatthere are two (major) options how to implement the methods of
View 0001-Filter-items-that-are-not-part-of-the-API-for-the-do.patch
From e53bb4bebcfbbb859c165e3e7449ec3031e15026 Mon Sep 17 00:00:00 2001
From: Vratislav Podzimek <>
Date: Tue, 12 Jan 2016 10:16:44 +0100
Subject: [PATCH] Filter items that are not part of the API for the
We can easily mark items that we don't consider to be a part of the API in their
docstrings and then skip them when creating documentation.
Signed-off-by: Vratislav Podzimek <>
View default_namedtuple_example.patch
diff --git a/blivet/ b/blivet/
index 54f5d9d..b06e651 100644
--- a/blivet/
+++ b/blivet/
@@ -34,6 +34,7 @@ from .partitioning import SameSizeSet
from .partitioning import TotalSizeSet
from .partitioning import do_partitioning
from .size import Size
+from .util import default_namedtuple
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