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fix a crash if your server is not running or accepting connections. initialize error handling before trying to open a connection (it can fail, generating errors you need to handle)
# Gist example of IB wrapper ...
# Download API from
# Install python API code /IBJts/source/pythonclient $ python3 install
# Note: The test cases, and the documentation refer to a python package called IBApi,
# but the actual package is called ibapi. Go figure.
# Get the latest version of the gateway:
# (for unix: windows and mac users please find your own version)
# Run the gateway
# user: edemo
# pwd: demo123
# Now I'll try and replicate the time telling example
from ibapi.wrapper import EWrapper
from ibapi.client import EClient
from threading import Thread
import queue
class TestWrapper(EWrapper):
The wrapper deals with the action coming back from the IB gateway or TWS instance
We override methods in EWrapper that will get called when this action happens, like currentTime
## error handling code
def init_error(self):
self._my_errors = error_queue
def get_error(self, timeout=5):
if self.is_error():
return self._my_errors.get(timeout=timeout)
except queue.Empty:
return None
return None
def is_error(self):
an_error_if=not self._my_errors.empty()
return an_error_if
def error(self, id, errorCode, errorString):
## Overriden method
errormsg = "IB error id %d errorcode %d string %s" % (id, errorCode, errorString)
## Time telling code
def init_time(self):
self._time_queue = time_queue
return time_queue
def currentTime(self, time_from_server):
## Overriden method
class TestClient(EClient):
The client method
We don't override native methods, but instead call them from our own wrappers
def __init__(self, wrapper):
## Set up with a wrapper inside
EClient.__init__(self, wrapper)
def speaking_clock(self):
Basic example to tell the time
:return: unix time, as an int
print("Getting the time from the server... ")
## Make a place to store the time we're going to return
## This is a queue
## This is the native method in EClient, asks the server to send us the time please
## Try and get a valid time
current_time = time_storage.get(timeout=MAX_WAIT_SECONDS)
except queue.Empty:
print("Exceeded maximum wait for wrapper to respond")
current_time = None
while self.wrapper.is_error():
return current_time
class TestApp(TestWrapper, TestClient):
def __init__(self, ipaddress, portid, clientid):
TestClient.__init__(self, wrapper=self)
self.connect(ipaddress, portid, clientid)
thread = Thread(target =
setattr(self, "_thread", thread)
if __name__ == '__main__':
## Check that the port is the same as on the Gateway
## ipaddress is if one same machine, clientid is arbitrary
app = TestApp("", 4001, 10)
current_time = app.speaking_clock()

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@xappppp xappppp commented Apr 17, 2020

I try to run the code seems its not responding and have to force quit the program, can anyone help me why below is the message after quiting


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