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// Finding the integer values of a plottable for ScottPlot when you know the name/label of it
// For use with
formsPlot1.plt.PlotVLine(label: "green", lineWidth: 3, x: position, draggable: true, dragLimitLower: 0, dragLimitUpper: Global.samples[filename_value]);
String plotname = "";
int plottablescount = formsPlot1.plt.GetSettings(false).plottables.Count;
for (int i = 0; i < plottablescount; i++)
Console.WriteLine(formsPlot1.plt.GetSettings(false).plottables[i].ToString()); // PlottableVLine (green) at X=516587
Console.WriteLine(formsPlot1.plt.GetSettings(false).plottables[i].GetLegendItems());// ScottPlot.Config.LegendItem[]
Console.WriteLine(formsPlot1.plt.GetSettings(false).plottables[i].GetLimits()); // x1=516587.000, x2=516587.000, y1=NaN, y2=NaN
Console.WriteLine(formsPlot1.plt.GetSettings(false).plottables[i].GetType()); // ScottPlot.PlottableVLine
Console.WriteLine(formsPlot1.plt.GetSettings(false).plottables[i].GetHashCode()); // 2383799
var stringlabel = formsPlot1.plt.GetSettings(false).plottables[i].ToString(); // PlottableVLine (green) at X=516587
Console.WriteLine(Regex.Match(stringlabel, @"\(([^)]*)\)").Groups[1].Value); // This will extract the name of the moveable plotline
plotname = Regex.Match(stringlabel, @"\(([^)]*)\)").Groups[1].Value;
if (plotname == "green")
// do stuff
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