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Created February 27, 2011 03:26
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molokai color theme for xterm
! Molokai theme
*xterm*background: #101010
*xterm*foreground: #d0d0d0
*xterm*cursorColor: #d0d0d0
*xterm*color0: #101010
*xterm*color1: #960050
*xterm*color2: #66aa11
*xterm*color3: #c47f2c
*xterm*color4: #30309b
*xterm*color5: #7e40a5
*xterm*color6: #3579a8
*xterm*color7: #9999aa
*xterm*color8: #303030
*xterm*color9: #ff0090
*xterm*color10: #80ff00
*xterm*color11: #ffba68
*xterm*color12: #5f5fee
*xterm*color13: #bb88dd
*xterm*color14: #4eb4fa
*xterm*color15: #d0d0d0
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How do you install this thing? Where do you put it and what must it be named for xterm to pick it up?

EDIT: Oh, I see it's called .Xdefaults. Doh!

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vreon commented Sep 9, 2011

It's kind of hidden up there, huh? :)

Actually, your comment prompted me to do a little research -- it appears .Xdefaults is deprecated in favor of .Xresources [1]. I've updated the gist accordingly.

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fritschy commented Oct 3, 2011

Being pretty lazy myself ;), thanks for sharing!

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junkfoo commented Mar 24, 2014


Is it a port of the Monokai textmate theme?

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Xuij commented May 27, 2017

Much wow, many colors.

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max-cx commented Sep 17, 2022

@vreon, I just added your theme to as I hope you're okay with this republication. If you want to add any license info, let me know. Cheers, Max

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