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vrillusions /
Created May 1, 2018 15:36
How to install python packages completely from local files
# Original use case for this is on a jenkins server where jobs wipe their working
# directories and wipes the virtual environment with it. Was abandoned as we just
# got a regular caching server that it uses
# run these at initial setup and if requirements or pip version changes
# and yes old version of pip used `pip install --download` and newer versions
# use `pip download`.
mkdir -p "${HOME}/.cache/pip/localcache"
pip install --download "${HOME}/.cache/pip/localcache" -U pip setuptools
pip install --no-index --find-links="${HOME}/.cache/pip/localcache" -U pip setuptools
vrillusions / .gitattributes
Last active April 18, 2020 08:48
Example .gitattributes
# Normalize line endings of text files
* text=auto
# Add exclusions here after running reset operation
#bin/** -text
# Ignore files on running `git archive`
/.github export-ignore
/.gitattributes export-ignore
/.gitignore export-ignore
vrillusions / hob064.rule.txt
Last active October 2, 2018 13:39
Hob0Rules explained
# This taken from and I wanted to
# look up what all these meant. So using the documentation[1] here's what all
# these mean. The explanation precedes each pattern and the example input
# word is superman
# These are the most common substitutions people do when creating passwords.
# Thus it would be in your best interest to not choose a password that would
# match any of these patterns or almost match when given a dictionary of
# common words.

Keybase proof

I hereby claim:

  • I am vrillusions on github.
  • I am vrillusions ( on keybase.
  • I have a public key whose fingerprint is 4704 CA9C DC4B 315F AD2D 0FD4 B899 1FDD 7A82 5389

To claim this, I am signing this object:

vrillusions / keychain.command
Created August 18, 2014 19:34
Start multiple instances of KeePassX in OS X
# Open a new instance of KeePassX with the specified database
# release: 2014-08-18
# src:
set -e
set -u
vrillusions / _README.mkd
Last active January 24, 2023 16:18
Kickstart for Ubuntu 14.04
vrillusions / puppetlabs-stdlib-quickref.mkd
Created July 23, 2014 16:12
List of all types/functions provided by puppetlabs/stdlib
vrillusions / example.pp
Last active December 7, 2018 13:40
Purging unmanaged yumrepo resources in puppet v3.5+
# This was tested on puppet v3.6.1 but believe the fix was in v3.5
yumrepo { 'epel':
ensure => present,
baseurl => 'http://whatever'
# This purges any yumrepo resource that isn't specified anywhere in manifest.
# On node run `puppet resource yumrepo` to get a list of all yumrepo resources
1. Open a command prompt and navigate to /etc/nginx/ssl
2. issue "openssl req -new -newkey rsa:2048 -nodes -keyout server.key -out server.csr"
3. Get your certificate - Go to your certificate authority and give them the CSR
4. copy your new crt to the /etc/nginx/ssl and give it read priveledges
5. reconfigure your nginx.conf, here is mine. The first part redirects 80 to 443, the second part listens to 443 and is optimized to return Ruby on Rails application requests using gzip and unicorn.
vrillusions / config
Created March 13, 2014 22:47
Example of a `~/.ssh/config` file which makes it easier to login to different servers
# ssh(1) obtains configuration data from the following sources in the following order:
# 1. command-line options
# 2. user's configuration file (~/.ssh/config)
# 3. system-wide configuration file (/etc/ssh/ssh_config)
# For each parameter, the first obtained value will be used. The configuration files contain sections separated
# by “Host” specifications, and that section is only applied for hosts that match one of the patterns given in the
# specification. The matched host name is the one given on the command line.