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The Ten Commandments of Scientific Coding

The Ten Commandments of Scientific Coding

  1. Thou shall use version control.

  2. Thou shall comment thy code.

  3. Thou shall use existing libraries whenever possible.

  4. Thou shall try to unit test.

  5. Thou shall not make up statistical procedures.

  6. Thou shall read code other than thy own.

  7. Thou shall write documentation.

  8. Thou shall beware of floating point issues.

  9. Thou shall write modular code.

  10. Thou shall follow coding standards.


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Vaguery commented Aug 10, 2012

In the future, I'd like to see "Thou shalt release comprehensive and formally specified runnable acceptance tests such that thy code may be replicated in another language", but I've never met a scientist who knows anything about Cucumber, so that'll never happen.

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