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building stuff

Viliam Simko vsimko

building stuff
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\usepackage[dvipsnames]{xcolor} %
\usepackage{listings} % syntax highlighting
feat (new feature)
fix (bug fix)
docs (changes to documentation)
style (formatting, missing semi colons, etc; no code change)
refactor (refactoring production code)
test (adding missing tests, refactoring tests; no production code change)
chore (updating grunt tasks etc; no production code change)
View import-from-string.js
// from
function esm(templateStrings, ...substitutions) {
let js = templateStrings.raw[0];
for (let i=0; i<substitutions.length; i++) {
js += substitutions[i] + templateStrings.raw[i+1];
return 'data:text/javascript;base64,' + btoa(js);
View node-openalpr-example-with-eu-region.js
// Created by Viliam Simko
// using the example from
const openalpr = require("node-openalpr")
const fs = require('fs')
async function identify(path) {
return new Promise((resolve, reject) => {
openalpr.IdentifyLicense(path, (error, output) =>
View download-tnp-svg.js
// run this code in dev console when you selected your icon
var x = document.createElement('img')
x.src = document.querySelector('.iconPreview').style.backgroundImage.replace(/url\("/,'').replace(/"\)$/, '')
// or use this as a bookmark in your chrome
// Name: TNP Download
// URL: javascript:!(function() { var x = document.createElement('img'); x.src = document.querySelector('.iconPreview').style.backgroundImage.replace(/url\("/,'').replace(/"\)$/, ''); document.body.replaceWith(x) })()

The easiest way to create a microservice

mkdir micro-demo
cd micro-demo
yarn add micro
echo 'module.exports = () => "Welcome to Micro"' > index.js
yarn micro

Now browse to http://localhost:3000

View simple-vue-vuetify-test.html
<link href=',400,500,700|Material+Icons' rel="stylesheet">
<link href="" rel="stylesheet">
<script src=""></script>
<script src=""></script>
<script src=""></script>
<div id="app">
<input v-model="myinput">
<v-toolbar dense dark color="blue darken-2">
View optimize-pages-tree.js
#!/usr/bin/env node
// TODO: this is currently just a helper script included from ``
const fs = require('fs')
const yaml = require('js-yaml')
function firstObjectKey(obj) {
return Object.keys(obj)[0]
vsimko /
Last active Jan 15, 2018
How to add new page into biggis-docs
# install required stuff (you should have already installed it anyways)
pip install --user mkdocs
pip install --user mkdocs-material
sudo apt install nodejs

# clone the repo
git clone
cd biggis-docs
# Quick and dirty config hack for mkdocs pages.
# Created by Viliam Simko (
# License: MIT
# Generates `pages:` section within `mkdocs.yml` file.
# The sections are ordered by filenames, however the section
# titles are taken either from the first H1 within a document
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