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Install Hadolint (Latest Release)
#!/usr/bin/env sh
## URL for the latest release:
## Kernel name:
_kernel="$(uname -s)"
## Architecture:
_arch="$(uname -m)"
## Target:
## Download the binary to target path:
curl -s "${_latest}" | \
grep browser_download_url | \
grep "${_kernel}-${_arch}" | \
cut -f 2- -d ":" | \
tr -d "\"" | \
wget -qi - -O "${_target}"
## Attend permissions:
chmod +x "${_target}"

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@vst vst commented Apr 21, 2021

Install to the default target path (/usr/local/bin/hadolint):

curl -sf -L | sudo sh

Install to custom target path:

curl -sf -L | sudo sh -s /tmp/hadolint
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