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* Package: dev-haskell/transformers-compat-
* Repository: gentoo-haskell
* Maintainer:
* USE: abi_x86_64 amd64 elibc_glibc kernel_linux userland_GNU
* FEATURES: preserve-libs sandbox userpriv usersandbox
>>> Unpacking source...
>>> Unpacking transformers-compat- to /var/tmp/portage/dev-haskell/transformers-compat-
>>> Source unpacked in /var/tmp/portage/dev-haskell/transformers-compat-
>>> Preparing source in /var/tmp/portage/dev-haskell/transformers-compat- ...
>>> Source prepared.
>>> Configuring source in /var/tmp/portage/dev-haskell/transformers-compat- ...
* Using cabal-
* Prepending /usr/lib64/ghc-7.6.3 to LD_LIBRARY_PATH
/usr/bin/ghc -package Cabal- --make /var/tmp/portage/dev-haskell/transformers-compat- -dynamic -o setup
[1 of 1] Compiling Main ( /var/tmp/portage/dev-haskell/transformers-compat-, /var/tmp/portage/dev-haskell/transformers-compat- )
Linking setup ...
./setup configure --ghc --prefix=/usr --with-compiler=/usr/bin/ghc --with-hc-pkg=/usr/bin/ghc-pkg --prefix=/usr --libdir=/usr/lib64 --libsubdir=transformers-compat- --datadir=/usr/share/ --datasubdir=transformers-compat- --ghc-option=-optl-Wl,-O1 --ghc-option=-optl-Wl,--as-needed --disable-executable-stripping --docdir=/usr/share/doc/transformers-compat- --verbose --sysconfdir=/etc
Configuring transformers-compat-
setup: At least the following dependencies are missing:
transformers >=0.4.1 && <0.5
* ghc-pkg check: 'checking for other broken packages:'
* ERROR: dev-haskell/transformers-compat- failed (configure phase):
* setup configure failed
* Call stack:
*, line 93: Called src_configure
* environment, line 2757: Called haskell-cabal_src_configure
* environment, line 1884: Called cabal-configure
* environment, line 510: Called cabal-show-brokens-and-die 'setup configure failed'
* environment, line 606: Called die
* The specific snippet of code:
* die "$@"
* If you need support, post the output of `emerge --info '=dev-haskell/transformers-compat-'`,
* the complete build log and the output of `emerge -pqv '=dev-haskell/transformers-compat-'`.
* The complete build log is located at '/var/tmp/portage/dev-haskell/transformers-compat-'.
* The ebuild environment file is located at '/var/tmp/portage/dev-haskell/transformers-compat-'.
* Working directory: '/var/tmp/portage/dev-haskell/transformers-compat-'
* S: '/var/tmp/portage/dev-haskell/transformers-compat-'

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@trofi trofi commented Aug 7, 2014

what transformers you have installed?

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