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Vipin Tiwari vtiwari227

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Scala variable need to intialized as comparison to java style
vtiwari227 / Docker_Learning.txt
Created Jul 17, 2017
Learning notes from Udemy Docker tutorial
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Q: What's the difference between containers and virtual machine ?
A: Docker container is ju st an process running under host operating system itself.
Docker commands:
To run a mongo database: docker run --name mongo -d mongo
to sell all the process: docker ps
to see process running under a container: docker top mongo
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Spatial DB
A spatial DB is database that is optimized to store and quey DB related to object in space including points,polygon and lines.
It includes object that have spatial location, a category of spatial data is geographical data -derived from geography of earth.
characteristic of geographic data :
location,size,auto corelated,scale dependent, temporally dependent
Conception of space :
entity view : space as an area is filled with discrete objects -road ,building,rivers