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Created February 25, 2016 15:40
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ResearchKit activities controller managing a survey.
// ActivitiesViewController.swift
// MyStudyApp
// Created by Vincent Tourraine on 2/8/16.
// Copyright © 2016 Shazino. All rights reserved.
import UIKit
import ResearchKit
class ActivitiesViewController: UIViewController, ORKTaskViewControllerDelegate {
let QuestionStepIdentifier = "yes-no-step"
@IBAction func startSurvey(sender: UIButton) {
let introStep = ORKInstructionStep(identifier: ORKInstruction0StepIdentifier)
introStep.title = NSLocalizedString("Basic Survey", comment: "")
introStep.text = NSLocalizedString("This is a basic survey.", comment: "")
let step = ORKQuestionStep(identifier: QuestionStepIdentifier)
step.title = NSLocalizedString("Do you feel good?", comment: "")
step.answerFormat = ORKBooleanAnswerFormat()
let completionStep = ORKOrderedTask.makeCompletionStep()
let task = ORKOrderedTask(identifier: "yes-no-task", steps:[introStep, step, completionStep])
let viewController = ORKTaskViewController(task: task, taskRunUUID: nil)
viewController.delegate = self
presentViewController(viewController, animated:true, completion:nil)
// MARK: Task view controller delegate
func taskViewController(taskViewController: ORKTaskViewController, didFinishWithReason reason: ORKTaskViewControllerFinishReason, error: NSError?) {
print("Task run UUID: \(taskViewController.taskRunUUID.UUIDString)")
if reason == .Completed {
if let stepResult = taskViewController.result.stepResultForStepIdentifier(QuestionStepIdentifier),
let stepResults = stepResult.results,
let stepFirstResult = stepResults.first,
let booleanResult = stepFirstResult as? ORKBooleanQuestionResult,
let booleanAnswer = booleanResult.booleanAnswer {
print("Result for question: \(booleanAnswer.boolValue)")
let durationFormatter = NSNumberFormatter()
durationFormatter.maximumFractionDigits = 2
if let results = taskViewController.result.results {
for result in results {
guard let startDate = result.startDate,
let endDate = result.endDate
else { continue }
let duration = endDate.timeIntervalSinceDate(startDate)
let formattedDuration = durationFormatter.stringFromNumber(duration)
print("Duration for step “\(result.identifier)”: \(formattedDuration!) s")
dismissViewControllerAnimated(true, completion: nil)
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Output example:

Task run UUID A507EBB0-305C-45C1-AACD-55263C102E64
Result for question: true
Duration for step “instruction”: 1.1 s
Duration for step “yes-no-step”: 1.92 s
Duration for step “conclusion”: 1.08 s

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I doesn't work on xcode 8.2.1. Could you gently put an xcode project to test it? Thanks.

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I got most of this working in Xcode 12 beta 4 with some reasonable tweaks. Slight warning to other users: in line 18 the ORKInstruction0StepIdentifier will build and function in simulation, but will fail when attempting to archive. Seems to be fixed by replacing it with any string identifier.

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