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Last active December 6, 2016 23:33
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Previous changelogs:

react-instantsearch 2.0.0-beta.18 release notes

In our way to reduce the API surface of react-instantsearch and allow for good additions in the future instead of many broken API options, we did remove more things.

As always, feel free to open a new GitHub issue to talk about your use cases.

Have a look at our roadmap for future changes.

Breaking change

connectCurrentRefinements new API

The connectCurrentRefinements API have changed to provide more power to users in term of customization. Read the documentation

No more sortBy

We removed the sortBy option from widgets and tried to provide a default sort that would work in most cases. If you have a good use case for sortBy, please open a GitHub issue.

No more urlSync

Now to synchronise the state of react-instantsearch with the URL, have a look at our guide

Full changelog

### Bug Fixes
  • ClearAll: always display clearAll button, disabled when no filter (#1545) (4588ecc), closes #1530
  • connectors: remove itemComponent from hits connectors (#1557) (0a4394a), closes #1554

Code Refactoring

  • history: remove our mode when we handle history object from the history lib (#1540) (ed2ae84)


  • guides: add a guide explaining how to use react-router with ris (#1527) (a947404)


  • api: add data to CurrentRefinements connector (#1550) (a9dd0a5)
  • InfiniteHits: add an infinite hits widgets with load more (#1483) (b446cb2), closes #1344
  • sortBy: implement default sortBy, remove option (#1549) (d78f0c0), closes #1529


  • api: connectCurrentRefinements forwarded props have changed to provide more power and align with other connectors, read the documentation to get the new structure
  • sortBy: sortBy option does not exists anymore. Please use a connector or open a new issue with your usecase for it.
  • history: - There's no more built in URL synchronisation
  • guides: urlSync/Thresold should not be use anymore. If the url synchronisation is needed please follow the url-routing section of the advanced topics guide.
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