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Example of ECL in a C program.
Example of a C program embedding ECL with callbacks to C functions.
Compiled via: gcc ecldemo.c -lecl
#include <stdio.h>
#include <stdlib.h>
#include "ecl/ecl.h"
#define DEFUN(name,fun,args) \
cl_def_c_function(c_string_to_object(name), \
(cl_objectfn_fixed)fun, \
cl_object foo() {
return ecl_make_integer(42);
cl_object bar(cl_object a, cl_object b) {
int aval = fix(a);
int bval = fix(b);
return ecl_make_integer(aval + bval);
Assumes the string is a valid call.
cl_object ecl_call(char *call) {
return cl_safe_eval(c_string_to_object(call), Cnil, Cnil);
void init() {
cl_boot(1, (char **)&"");
Uncomment these lines to place your code into a separate package,
They may then be called like (my-code:foo)
// ecl_call("(make-package :my-code)");
// ecl_call("(in-package my-code)");
DEFUN("foo", foo, 0);
DEFUN("bar", bar, 2);
// ecl_call("(export foo)");
// ecl_call("(export bar)");
// ecl_call("(in-package common-lisp-user)");
int main() {
cl_object exit_obj = c_string_to_object(":EXIT");
cl_object result = Cnil;
while (cl_equal(exit_obj, result) == Cnil) {
printf("\n> ");
cl_object form = ecl_call("(read)");
result = cl_safe_eval(form, Cnil, Cnil);
cl_print(1, result);
return 0;

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