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Snipper from JVM code showing that clone() is intrinsified by JVM
* Defined in the hotspot/src/share/vm/classfile/vmSymbols.hpp
#define VM_SYMBOLS_DO(template, do_alias) \
/* commonly used class names */ \
template(java_lang_System, "java/lang/System") \
template(java_lang_Object, "java/lang/Object") \
#define VM_INTRINSICS_DO(do_intrinsic, do_class, do_name, do_signature, do_alias) \
do_intrinsic(_hashCode, java_lang_Object, hashCode_name, void_int_signature, F_R) \
do_name( hashCode_name, "hashCode") \
do_intrinsic(_getClass, java_lang_Object, getClass_name, void_class_signature, F_R) \
do_name( getClass_name, "getClass") \
do_intrinsic(_clone, java_lang_Object, clone_name, void_object_signature, F_R) \
do_name( clone_name, "clone") \
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