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{#industryChooser choose=i18n__text_plain__choose}

Hey thanks for the interesting article over @ linkedin. Would be very interesting to see a future article on how you deal with I18n in your front-end stack. Cheers.


Our i18n solutions are built inhouse, we dont crowd source and it is extensive and rich. We would never rewrite all this on client.

We have a server-side solution to this that seamlessly works across different jvm stacks.

I would love to share more details here, but that will be the topic of next few posts. stay tuned.

Highly encourage you to read this


Very interesting article over @linked in. How do you take care of SEO issues if your presentation is assembled at the browser?


@amlanc - this can be achieved parsing dust.js template with Node.JS in the server-side. After that you can send to the client-side the result. I could user Rhino for parsing too.

Check the section: Leaving JSPs in the dust, the fifth topic, Server side support.

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