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Created December 9, 2011 01:44
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{#industryChooser choose=i18n__text_plain__choose}
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Hey thanks for the interesting article over @ linkedin. Would be very interesting to see a future article on how you deal with I18n in your front-end stack. Cheers.

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vybs commented Dec 15, 2011

Our i18n solutions are built inhouse, we dont crowd source and it is extensive and rich. We would never rewrite all this on client.

We have a server-side solution to this that seamlessly works across different jvm stacks.

I would love to share more details here, but that will be the topic of next few posts. stay tuned.

Highly encourage you to read this

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amlanc commented Nov 29, 2012

Very interesting article over @linked in. How do you take care of SEO issues if your presentation is assembled at the browser?

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@amlanc - this can be achieved parsing dust.js template with Node.JS in the server-side. After that you can send to the client-side the result. I could user Rhino for parsing too.

Check the section: Leaving JSPs in the dust, the fifth topic, Server side support.

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