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{! article dust template with partials for polling and pagination !}
<div id="today_feed" class="grid unit_8">
<div id="today_feed-updates" class="unit_8 alpha omega">
<div id="today_feed-articles" class="unit_8 alpha omega">
<ul class="articles">
<div id="today_feed-pagination" class="unit_8 alpha omega">

How does the polling here work? How does it know what to poll?

we use backbone.js and other libraries as mini mvc on client.

there is a callback using set timeout I assume ( it was done one of our front end web-devs, I can get more details if you'd like )

Will these pages be SEO friendly? Will google bot make the template substitution before crawling the page content?

@cratygs - you have to parse the Dust template server-side with Node.JS or Rhino then send the result to the browser in order to achieve SEO friendliness.

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