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Custom UIActivity in Swift 3
import UIKit
class CustomActivity: UIActivity {
var actName = ""
var actImage: UIImage?
var customActionWhenTapped:( ()-> Void)!
init(title: String, image: UIImage, performAction: @escaping (() -> ()) ) {
self.actName = title
self.actImage = image
self.customActionWhenTapped = performAction
override class var activityCategory: UIActivityCategory {
return .action
override var activityType: UIActivityType? {
guard let bundleId = Bundle.main.bundleIdentifier else {return nil}
return UIActivityType(rawValue: bundleId + "\(self.classForCoder)")
override var activityTitle: String? {
return actName
override var activityImage: UIImage? {
return actImage
override func canPerform(withActivityItems activityItems: [Any]) -> Bool {
return true
override func prepare(withActivityItems activityItems: [Any]) {
override func perform() {

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@w-i-n-s w-i-n-s commented Dec 18, 2017

Now you can init custom UIActivity with name/image/closure, from any place

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