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from mesa.datacollection import DataCollector
class MyDataCollector(DataCollector):
## subclass DataCollector to only collect data on certain agents
## in this case, I only report them if they are NOT alive
## self.alive is an attribute that I track for my agents
def collect(self, model):
""" Collect all the data for the given model object. """
if self.model_reporters:
for var, reporter in self.model_reporters.items():
if self.agent_reporters:
for var, reporter in self.agent_reporters.items():
agent_records = []
#add an if clause to only append to agent records if our agent meets a certain condition
for agent in model.schedule.agents:
if agent.alive == False:
agent_records.append((agent.unique_id, reporter(agent)))
## When I define the datacollector for my model, I use MyDataCollector rather than the default DataCollector
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