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Last active Aug 29, 2015

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shell script to check if sqlite database has changed, and to email the backup file if so
#get the current md5sum, and use awk to strip out filename, which is reuturned as well
#note, this assumes that md5sum_of_database_at_last_backup.txt exists and contains the hash of db at last backup
#currently no error checking
currentMD5=$(md5sum test.db | awk '{print $1}')
lastMD5=$(cat /home/user/md5sum_of_database_at_last_backup.txt)
if [ "$currentMD5" == "$lastMD5" ]
echo | mutt -s "database has not changed since last backup"
#update the database
echo $currentMD5 > /home/user/md5sum_of_database_at_last_backup.txt
#send db as email attachment
echo | mutt -a /home/user/test.db -s "daily database backup"
unset currentMD5
unset lastMD5
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