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SSH between Mac OS X host and Virtual Box guest

On Mac OS (host):

Shutdown your VM and do:

VirtualBox > Settings > Network > Add (you will get vboxnet0)

On a terminal ifconfig will show you new interface vboxnet0

VM's Settings > System > check "Enable I/O APIC." VM's Settings > Network > Adapter 2 > host-only vboxnet0

On Ubuntu (guest):

Install OpenSSH Server

Edit /etc/network/interfaces file to append the following lines:

auto eth1
iface eth1 inet static

Run sudo ifup eth1 from the Ubuntu command line. SSH server should be up and running. Switch to your host terminal and enter ssh


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End-to-end, enabling connection from MacOS to hosted RHEL8 in VirtualBox 6.1

In VirtualBox (6.1.x):
- File > Host Network Manager ...
- Create (vboxnet0)

For the particular instance of VM (powered off):
- Settings > Network > Adapter 2
- Enable Network Adapter (checked)
- Attached to: Host-only Adapter
- Name: vboxnet0

Start the VM and login as root:
# nmcli dev status
	// Will show that enp0s8 is down
# nmcli con up enp0s8
# nmcli dev set enp0s8 autoconnect yes managed no
# nmcli dev connect enp0s8
# nmcli dev status
	// Will show that enp0s8 is connected
# ifconfig
	// Shows an inet IP address (

From the host (Terminal on MacOS):
$ sudo vim /etc/hosts
		*****  vbox.rhel8
$ ping -c 3 vbox.rhel8
$ ssh-copy-id jubilee@vbox.rhel8
$ ssh jubilee@vbox.rhel8 (using SSH keys, passwordless)

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When I'm trying to ssh in on my host, I'm asked for a password. Neither the host nor the guest pw will work, any idea?

I am getting permission denied when i try to log in. What password should i be trying? Thanks!

I had the same problem. The reason was: I used "root" user. So, I had added 2 lines into sshd_config (in VM):

PermitRootLogin yes
PasswordAuthentication yes

and then (in VM terminal)
systemctl restart sshd

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