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Created Jun 15, 2017

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Table of possible LSST dark matter probes, from DESC 2017 hack week
Probe Constraint LSST Impact Complementary Instruments Complications References
Gaps in Streams Power at small scale Increasing number of streams; large distances less suceptible to disk baryons Gaia; spec. follow-up; w-first subhalo disruption by disk; gaps from baryons
Potential from Streams Halo shape Increasing number of streams spectroscopy; Gaia; wfirst perturbation from large accretion events (MW history); non-equilibrium dynamics
Colliding Clusters self-interaction cross section Finding colliding clusters; weak-lensing mass mapping; galaxy centroids; gas distribution and mass chandra/xmm/erosita; w-first; SPT/ACT
Cluster weak lensing mass decay/annihilation finding clusters; weak lensing mass profiles x-rays agn feedback; mergers (non-equilibrium); Baryon emission lines
Cluster galaxy and weak lensing mass profiles halo shape finding clusters; deep cluster galaxy catalog; weak lensing mass profiles shape & intrinsic alignment of galaxies
Combined probes of cluster central mass profiles self-interaction finding clusters; weak lensing mass profiles; galaxy profiles; dynamics of "wobbbling" BCGs; targets for velocity dispersion spectroscopy spectroscopy shape & intrinsic alignment of galaxies; photometry de-blending
Combined probes of cluster outer mass profiles (splashback radius) self-interaction finding clusters; weak lensing mass profiles; galaxy profiles; X-ray, spt/act for gas profiles shape & intrinsic alignment of galaxies
Cluster strong lensing halo shape; self-interaction; sustructure (higher mass scale) finding clusters and lenses; galaxy profiles; mass-to-light ratios; gas/baryon distribution and mass; mergers and equilibrium
Galaxy-Galaxy strong lensing small scale structure; shape of main halo; dark matter distribution finding lenses ALMA, HST/JWST, w-firt/euclid, spectroscopy baryon distribution; substructure disruption
Strong lensing time-domain small scale; density profile of substructure (?) finding lenses; monitoring lenses high-cadence photometry; ALMA, HST/JWST, w-firt/euclid, spectroscopy
micro-lensing MACHO dark matter; dark baryons long baseline microlensing searches; high-cadence photometry; spectroscopy (bright stars); Gaia dark baryons
Local stellar kinematics Local dark matter density proper motions; stellar photometry; Gaia/ESO; DM direct detection; deep massively multiplexed spectrograph
Halo tracer kinematics Halo shape finding distant tracers (RR Lyrae; BHBs; giants; satellites; Cepheids?); tracers in other galaxies spectroscopy dynamical non-equilibrium; substructure
Lyman Alpha forest small scale structure; small scale cutoff mass finding z > 2 quasars; close quasar pairs deep spectroscopy reionization
Low-luminosity field galaxies field halo abundance and density (too big to fail in the field) Finding low luminosity galaxies HST (star formation); spectroscopy (where available) galaxy formation; distances
Satellites galaxy abundances small scale substructure; cutoff mass; annihilation cross section finding; characterizing; proper motion spectrsocopy; Gaia; gamma rays; x-rays galaxy formation; disruption by host; confusion with star clusters
Satellite galaxy densities self-interaction; temperature; annihilation cross section finding satellite galaxies; proper motions to break anisotropy for nearby satellites; Gaia; spectroscopy; gamma ray/x-ray supernova feeback; reionization physics
Wide binary/star cluster stability density profiles; MACHOs; substructure Finding wide binaries/star clusters spectroscopy; JWST/HST initial population; constraint not discovery
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