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Created June 17, 2010 17:50
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JavaScript parser for Tweet Entities
* twitter-entities.js
* This function converts a tweet with "entity" metadata
* from plain text to linkified HTML.
* See the documentation here:
* Basically, add ?include_entities=true to your timeline call
* Copyright 2010, Wade Simmons
* Licensed under the MIT license
* Requires jQuery
function escapeHTML(text) {
return $('<div/>').text(text).html()
function linkify_entities(tweet) {
if (!(tweet.entities)) {
return escapeHTML(tweet.text)
// This is very naive, should find a better way to parse this
var index_map = {}
$.each(tweet.entities.urls, function(i,entry) {
index_map[entry.indices[0]] = [entry.indices[1], function(text) {return "<a href='"+escapeHTML(entry.url)+"'>"+escapeHTML(text)+"</a>"}]
$.each(tweet.entities.hashtags, function(i,entry) {
index_map[entry.indices[0]] = [entry.indices[1], function(text) {return "<a href='"+escape("#"+entry.text)+"'>"+escapeHTML(text)+"</a>"}]
$.each(tweet.entities.user_mentions, function(i,entry) {
index_map[entry.indices[0]] = [entry.indices[1], function(text) {return "<a title='"+escapeHTML("' href='"+escapeHTML(entry.screen_name)+"'>"+escapeHTML(text)+"</a>"}]
var result = ""
var last_i = 0
var i = 0
// iterate through the string looking for matches in the index_map
for (i=0; i < tweet.text.length; ++i) {
var ind = index_map[i]
if (ind) {
var end = ind[0]
var func = ind[1]
if (i > last_i) {
result += escapeHTML(tweet.text.substring(last_i, i))
result += func(tweet.text.substring(i, end))
i = end - 1
last_i = end
if (i > last_i) {
result += escapeHTML(tweet.text.substring(last_i, i))
return result
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dcporter commented Jan 3, 2013

Whelp, this just saved me a lot of annoying work.

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This helps me a lot

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g33kidd commented May 13, 2013

Thanks! This helps me so much!

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I made a small change to make the URLs look better, if you're interested in making use of the display_url. Change:

"<a href='"+escapeHTML(entry.url)+"'>"+escapeHTML(text)+"</a>"


"<a href='"+escapeHTML(entry.url)+"'>"+escapeHTML(entry.display_url)+"</a>"

It's in place here:

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thilo commented Jan 27, 2014

Thanks, saved me some work. I added the ability to show inline media in my fork here:

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It seems that unicode emoji are disturbing the way it parse the string.
There is a offset of one character by emoji placed before any given entity.

Edit : Nervermind, got it to work. Fully functionable with emojis and html special chars here :
Not pretty, but does the job. (I also used @thilo and @dcpesses contribs)

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cibulka commented Jun 6, 2015

Would you be ok to publish this as a Bower repository?

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s0th commented Jul 17, 2015

does the job, but it's better/safer to use twitter's own text processing library:

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amk221 commented Sep 24, 2015

For anybody using Ember.js: ember-cli-twitter-entities

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