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Working from home

Jin Eguchi wakiyamap

Working from home
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mkdir -p $DB
mkdir -p $IMG
mkdir -p $TMPD
mkdir -p $BACKUPD
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import React, { useEffect, useState } from "react"
const apis = [
export default function ReadBC(props) {
const [msgs, setMsgs] = useState(null);
cryptcoin-junkey /
Last active Oct 26, 2020
[whitepaper] Monaparty IPFS

Monaparty IPFS ホワイトペーパー

ついに Monaparty がホワイトペーパーなるものを書くようになりました。きっと scam だ、この計画は。


Monaparty は、XMP アセットを基軸として新規アセットの発行と交換をトラストレスに行うプラットフォームであり、それ以上の機能は、ほぼ有していない。 例外的な機能としてブロードキャスト・メッセージがある。

ブロードキャスト・メッセージは、マイナー手数料に相当するモナコインさえあれば、XMP を消費することなく万人が見える形で文字列を記録できる。

afmsavage /
Last active Sep 27, 2020
Walkthrough to create Keep-ECDSA node for either mainnet or testnet

Keep Network ECDSA Node Setup Guide

NOTE: I will no longer be updating this guide with the newest testnet bootsrap peers and contract addresses (if they change). You can check the official docs for them at This will only impact the BondedECDSAKeepFactory and SanctionedApplications contract addresses and the bootstrap peers list of the testnet config.toml example below. Last updated when mainnet launched mid Sept.

This guide describes the steps required to get a Keep-ECDSA node up and running on the Ropstein testnet and the Ethereum Mainnet. This guide assumes you are running Ubuntu. If you use a different distro such as Fedora, most commands should remain the same but keep that in mind. Also, please use Novy4's guide to get your server setup and ready to run the ECDSA node. I will be detaili

grd / float128.go
Created Nov 10, 2012
Simplified float128, more in style with the math package
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// This package implements 128-bit ("double double") floating point using
// a pair of 64-bit hardware floating point values and standard hardware
// floating point operations. It is based directly on libqd by Yozo Hida,
// Xiaoye S. Li, David H. Bailey, Yves Renard and E. Jason Riedy. Source:
package float128
import (