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WFS to PostGIS
# Example of downloading all data from a GeoServer WFS server
# and loading it into a PostGIS database. Use with caution
# as you could put a lot of load on someone's server if they
# host a lot of data which might make them sad.
# In response to:
for LAYERNAME in `wget -qO- $BASEURL"&request=GetCapabilities" | xpath -q -e "//FeatureType/Name/text()"` ; do
wget $BASEURL"&request=GetFeature&typeName="$LAYERNAME"&srsName=EPSG:4326&outputFormat=shape-zip" -O $FILENAME".zip"
mkdir /tmp/$FILENAME
unzip -d /tmp/$FILENAME $FILENAME".zip"
shp2pgsql -s 4326 -I -S -c -W LATIN1 "/tmp/"$FILENAME"/"$FILENAME".shp" $FILENAME | psql postgis

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tepepa commented Sep 15, 2014

What if the WFS service needs for an HTTP Authentication?
Is there any option to manage this case?

Thank you


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ManuelB commented Oct 22, 2016

@tepepa you can add username and password to the wget command:

wget $BASEURL"&request=GetFeature&typeName="$LAYERNAME"&srsName=EPSG:4326&outputFormat=shape-zip" -O $FILENAME".zip" --user=username --password=password

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