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Created December 28, 2022 13:02
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import json
from services.event_api.runtime.adapters.service import EventService
from tests.unit.adapters.file_port import FakeStorage
from tests.unit.adapters.message_port import FakeMessagePort
def test_event_service():
# Given
transaction_id = "xxx-111"
event_detail = {"event": "test-event", "data": {"key1": "value1"}}
fake_storage = FakeStorage()
fake_message = FakeMessagePort(resource_id="sqs_queue")
event_service = EventService(
file_storage=fake_storage, message_provider=fake_message
# When
result = event_service.process_event(
transaction_id=transaction_id, event_detail=event_detail
# Then
assert result is True
assert fake_storage.save_filename == f"{transaction_id}.json"
assert fake_storage.save_content == json.dumps(
{"event": "test-event", "data": {"key1": "value1"}}
assert fake_message.message_id == transaction_id
assert fake_message.body == event_detail
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