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Created December 28, 2022 13:01
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import json
from http import HTTPStatus
from typing import Any, Dict
import aws_lambda_powertools.event_handler.content_types as content_types
from adapters.service import EventService
from aws_lambda_powertools.event_handler import APIGatewayRestResolver, Response
from aws_lambda_powertools.event_handler.exceptions import InternalServerError
from aws_lambda_powertools.logging import Logger
app = APIGatewayRestResolver()
logger = Logger()
event_service = EventService()
# The Lambda Handler is kept small and concise
# using AWS Lambda Powertools for python
def lambda_handler(event, context) -> Dict[str, Any]:
return app.resolve(event, context)
# The real work is handled by post_event route function
# This function is responsible for mapping the input from the API
# body to the event_service handler class
def post_event():
transaction_id = app.current_event.request_context.request_id
response = event_service.process_event(
if response:
res_obj = {"transaction_id": transaction_id}
return Response(
raise (InternalServerError("Processing failure"))
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