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This is a simple straightforward and relatively lightweight example of how to seed the internal PRNG function with a truly random value
// TrueRandomSeed.ino
// This example sketch shows how to provide a truly random seed value to the built in
// library pseudo random number generator. This ensures that your sketch will be
// using a different sequence of random numbers every time it runs. Unlike the
// usually suggested randomSeed(analogRead(0)) this method will provide a much more
// uniform and varied seed value. For more information about the basic technique used
// here to produce a random number or if you need more than one such number you can
// find a library, Entropy from the following web site along with documentation of how
// the library has been tested to provide TRUE random numbers on a variety of AVR
// chips and arduino environments.
// timer-jitter-entropy-sources/entropy-library
// Copyright 2014 by Walter Anderson, wandrson01 at gmail dot com
#include <avr/interrupt.h>
#include <avr/wdt.h>
#include <util/atomic.h>
// The following addresses a problem in version 1.0.5 and earlier of the Arduino IDE
// that prevents randomSeed from working properly.
#define randomSeed(s) srandom(s)
volatile uint32_t seed; // These two variables can be reused in your program after the
volatile int8_t nrot; // function CreateTrulyRandomSeed()executes in the setup()
// function.
void CreateTrulyRandomSeed()
seed = 0;
nrot = 32; // Must be at least 4, but more increased the uniformity of the produced
// seeds entropy.
// The following five lines of code turn on the watch dog timer interrupt to create
// the seed value
MCUSR = 0;
while (nrot > 0); // wait here until seed is created
// The following five lines turn off the watch dog timer interrupt
MCUSR = 0;
seed = seed << 8;
seed = seed ^ TCNT1L;
void setup()
// The preceeding two function calls will take approximately 0.5 second to execute if
// nrot is set to 32 ... the rest of your setup code should FOLLOW from here.
void loop()

anmalo commented Dec 15, 2017

Thank you , very good idea!
But not works on due.

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