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My .vimrc config named Whale
" Whale
" Having Vim in nocompatible mode, opens a lot of features
:set nocompatible
" Encoding
set fileencodings=utf-8
" Use Unix as the standard file type
:set ffs=unix,mac
" Turn backup off, since most stuff is in SVN, git et.c anyway...
:set nobackup
:set nowb
:set noswapfile
" Change window's title
:set title titlestring=%f
" Save files automatically
:set autowrite
" Font
:set guifont=Menlo\ 11
" Ignore compiled files
:set wildignore=*.o,*~,*.pyc,*.DS_Store
" When searching try to be smart about cases
:set smartcase
" Highlight search results
:set hlsearch
" Makes search act like search in modern browsers
:set incsearch
" For regular expressions turn magic on
:set magic
" Always showing a status bar at the bottom of the screen
" Give status bar the space on 1 line. Set the number to 0 will turn off the status line.
:set laststatus=2
:set statusline=\%F%m%r%h\ %w\ %Y\ %L\ %l\,%v
" Line Number
:set number
:set numberwidth=8
":hi LineNr term=bold cterm=NONE ctermfg=DarkGrey ctermbg=NONE gui=NONE guifg=Black guibg=#589A5D
:hi LineNr ctermfg=232
":hi LineNr ctermbg=black guibg=black ctermfg=darkgreen
" Cursor Line
:set cursorline
:hi CursorLine cterm=NONE ctermbg=232
" Show matching brackets
:set showmatch
" How many tenths of a second to blink when matching brackets
:set mat=2
" No annoying sound on errors
:set noerrorbells
" :set novisualbell
" :set t_vb=
" :set tm=500
" Add a bit extra margin to the left
" :set foldcolumn=1
" Editing
" Indent and Tab
" Use spaces instead of tabs
:set expandtab
" cindent is practical for most programming tasks in C-like languages.
:set cindent
" 1 tab == 4 spaces
:set shiftwidth=8
:set tabstop=8
" Be smart when using tabs ;)
set smarttab
" Do not wrap lines
:set nowrap
" Turn on folding
:set foldenable
" Syntax
:syntax enable
" Color
" Use 256 colors in Vim
set t_Co=256
" Color Scheme
" Color Groups
":hi Normal ctermfg=252 ctermbg=237 term=standout
":hi Normal ctermfg=252
:hi Normal ctermfg=darkgreen
:hi Comment ctermfg=237
:hi String ctermfg=178
:hi Character ctermfg=178
:hi Number ctermfg=250
:hi Float ctermfg=250
":hi Function ctermfg=darkblue
:hi Identifier ctermfg=255
:hi Keyword ctermfg=196
:hi Operator ctermfg=250
:hi Conditional ctermfg=250
:hi Repeat ctermfg=250
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