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Sunrise Festival Procedure for use of UHFSDR receiver and HDSDR program for I/Q signal recording and scheduling, by Ward WC0Y
This procedure is written to support data collection for the 2022 Sunrise Festival. It is written for use of a soundcard SDR receiver with an audio interface and for use of the HDSDR program for signal recording and scheduling.
Equipment/Software List:
1. Receive antenna: 40m length end-fed half-wave (EFHW) dipole with a 49:1 BALIN
2. Band pass filter: WB6DHW design set for 30m pass-band
4. 10dB BNC attenuator
5. PC interface: USB Soundblaster Creative Labs THX with audio isolators for I & Q lines
6. SDR software: HDSDR v2.80
7. PC OS: Windows 11
1. Set up receive system: EFHW Antenna => Coax => 10dB attenuator => WB6DHW BPF => WB6DHW UHFsdr receiver => USB Soundblaster PC interface => Windows 11 PC running HDSDR
2. Set up HDSDR
a. Select Soundcard for RX Input (F5)
b. Set LO Freq = 9,995,000 Hz
c. Set Tune Freq = 10,000,000 MHz
d. Lock LO and Tune frequencies with mouse right-click
e. Set Volume slider = x 0.5, Gain = 15.5dB
f. Set AGC Threshold slider to maximum
g. Set AGC = Off
h. Set up recording schedule (Options => Recording Settings + Scheduler)
i. Auto Subdirectory = Each Day
ii. Signal IF Enabled, Winrad format, PCM24, no split
iii. Recorder Scheduler Enabled
iv. Add task schedule lines for desired schedule
1. LO frequency = 9,995,000
2. Tune frequency = 10,000,000
3. Modulation = AM
4. After recording: No Action
5. Recording Mode: IF
6. Record Daily enabled to repeat schedule daily
3. Re-name files
a. Right-click received wav files and rename to requested format according to : "W8EDU_WWV_5MHz_2022-04-30_22-08.wav". Use UTC time!
4. Submit files
a. Follow instructions provided on
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