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PotPlayer guide

#PotPlayer guide

Alternative and up to date guide here:



  1. Install Potplayer and Haali with the default settings.
  2. Install Lav filters and uncheck anything that you don't need (x64 and the audio if using ffdshow)
  3. Extract madVR and run install.bat as an administrator.
  4. Install xy-VSFilter.

##PotPlayer Setup Start PotPlayer and go to options (F5):

  • Filter Control:
    • Source/Splitter: Set Damage AVI and Damage ASF to 'Built-in'
    • Source/Splitter: Set Matroska to '*Haali Media Splitter'
    • Source/Splitter: Set everything else to '*LAV Splitter Source'
    • Video Decoder: Set everything to '*LAV Video Decoder'
    • Audio Decoder: Set everything to '*ffdshow Audio Decoder' or '*LAV Audio Decoder' depending on preference
    • Custom filter manager: add external filter > add xy-VSFilter.dll
  • Video:
    • Set Video renderer to 'Madshi Video Renderer'
  • Audio:
    • Set audio renderer to output DirectSound

##madVR Setup Play a Video file and right click on the madVR tray icon to access it's settings page 'Edit madvr Settings...'

  • Devices:
    • name of monitor/TV:
      • properties: Set RGB output to 0-255 and bit depth to 8-bit or higher
      • Display Modes: add any refresh rates that your monitor supports. e.g '1080p23, 1080p24, 1080p25, 1080p29, 1080p30, 1080p50, 1080p59, 1080p60' check 'restore original display mode when media player closes'
  • processing:
    • decoding: uncheck everything

##Hardware Acceleration To enable hw acceleration goto 'LAV Video Configuration' (can be found in the start menu)

  • Select the appropriate hardware decoder e.g 'NVIDIA CUVID'
  • Set the algorithm to 'Adaptive' and the mode to 'Video'
  • Check 'High-Quality Processing'
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Infinitay commented Jul 4, 2019

If your filter control options are missing like mine was click Filter Management then scan and ok

Although some are still missing like the LAV Splitter Source for the the bottom few Source/Splitter Filter Controls

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