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This example shows how to setup an environment running Rails 3 under 1.9.2 with a 'rails3' gem set.
∴ rvm update --head
# ((Open a new shell)) or do 'rvm reload'
# If you do not already have the ruby interpreter installed, install it:
∴ rvm install 1.9.2
# Switch to 1.9.2-head and gemset rails3, create if it doesn't exist.
∴ rvm --create use 1.9.2@rails3
# Install Rails 3 final
∴ gem install rails
# Check to see we now have Rails 3
∴ rails --version
Rails 3.0.0
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pootsbook commented May 28, 2010

You beauty. Perfect solution.

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TMorgan99 commented Jun 13, 2010

gem install rails --pre --no-ri --no-rdoc

  • The rails gem pulls in the bundler gem. When you get to your new app, run bundler install to complete

rails new shiny-app
bundler install

  • and sqlite3 will appear

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mattslay commented Jun 18, 2010

TMorgan99 -


bundle install

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DixcomWeb commented Jun 25, 2010

Thanks for sharing this!!

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