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React/Redux resources and links

Another big ol' list of React resources


React redux project structure

React cheatsheet

redux cheatsheet

LONG full stack redux tut

Redux best practices

Example of handling page-level responses to lower-component states

Mixins are dead - use composition

Reselect - selectors for navigating the state tree and avoiding expensive calculations on the entire state tree - memoized selectors. You also want to use them so that if your store shape changes it’s easy to update the selector functions instead of rewiring a whole bunch of code. Selector functions are a natural decoupling layer.

Passing props to deeply nested children

Art of reducers

Validating propTypes of nested children

ReactJS jsdoc

Redux state shape "How to separate UI and application state in Redux”: - - have a separate “ui” subtree

Sharing state between Redux reducers

State is an antipattern

React component library -

UI State could be managed here: -

Interview questions and misc.

Watching for state changes

Dispatching actions on route changes

Reactive JS

Async actions

Routing with redux and react

Injecting auth requirements into specific routes

Creating a modal for React

"Is it a good idea to access redux store in route?"

large scale react applications

react component design

reusable react components

immutablejs w/ redux

react resources

organizing react apps

Unit testing redux

Unit testing React

Enzyme Testing

Validation with React

Redux forms

Testing immutableJS objects

Listening to the store

Complex async and redux-saga

React end-to-end testing Nightwatch.js

Refactoring Redux

Unit testing connected components

Nested components

React-router dynamic routes

Redux saga es6 generators vs es7 async

Async Middleware

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