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Genymotion with Google Play Services for ARM
NOTE: Easier way is the X86 way, described on
Download the following ZIPs:
ARM Translation Installer v1.1 (
Download the correct GApps for your Android version:
Google Apps for Android 6.0 ( -
Google Apps for Android 5.1 ( -
Google Apps for Android 5.0 ( -
Google Apps for Android 4.4.4 ( -
Google Apps for Android 4.3 ( -
Google Apps for Android 4.2 ( -
Google Apps for Android 4.1 ( -
Google Apps for Android 2.3.7 ( -
Note: Genymotion must be set to use it's own ADB (Settings -> ADB -> Use Genymotion Android tools)
Next Open your Genymotion VM and go to the Homescreen
Now Drag&Drop the onto the Genymotion VM window.
It should say "File transfer in progress", once it asks you to flash it click 'OK'
Now Reboot your VM using ADB. If nescessary you can simply close the VM window, not recommended
Once you're on the Homescreen again Drag&Drop the (or whatever version you got) onto your VM, and click 'OK' when asked
Once it finishes, again Reboot your VM and open the Google Play Store.
Sign in using your Google account
Once in the Store go to the 'My Apps' menu and let everything update (fixes a lot of issues), also try updating Google Play Services directly (
You can also search for Google Maps, update it manually (press update or install button) and you will receive the message to update Google Play Services
(For Android 4.4.4 and 5.0 is posible you need to reboot several times before updates are shown)
Now try searching for apps in Google Play and if you can find and install for example 'Netflix' or 'Google Drive' then congrats you now have ARM support and Google Play fully setup! for the ARM Translation Installer :)

As of this moment the 4.4 link for Google Apps seems to be broken/leading to a corrupt file.

@jbloomer this link returns an error as well

INFO: "failed posted hashcheck",
SOLUTION: "please make sure you have javascript enabled for Hit the back button, enable javascript and try again please. we promise we are probably not doing anything nefarious. maybe. no promises though."

anyway a quick google search:

sjasif commented Jul 5, 2014

I keep getting this error when I drag and drop the gapps file:

Ooops, something went wrong while flashing gapps-kk-20140105-signed (1).zip.

I am pretty sure I am installing the right one. How does one know if you're installing the right gapps file for the software you're using? I am installing this gapps file mentioned above in the error with KitKat 4.4.2 on Samsung Galaxy S3.

Also does adb reboot mean just quit genymotion and launch again? If not, what else is it?


wbroek commented Jul 14, 2014

Updated the 4.4.2 gApps, tested it multiple times and works (you may need to restart multiple times).

@sjasif Reboot can be a quit or type adb reboot in the terminal

z2z commented Aug 6, 2014

Doesn't work with n5 -

Oops, something went wrong while flashing gapps.... with both cm version gapps-kk-20140606-signed and one linked above.

I'm having Ooops, something went wrong while flashing for Samsung Galaxy S2 - 4.1.1 - API 16 - 480x800,
and if I try the latest one. installs, but then Not Connected error on Google Play Store

Excellent, worked without problems (VM = Nexus 7, API 17 800x1280 using Google Apps for Android 4.2) . Thanks very much!


wbroek commented Oct 8, 2014

Genymotion updated to version 2.3.0 and updated Android 4.4.2 to 4.4.4
Update the gist to the right gapps 4.4.4 which works with Genymotion

z2z commented Oct 9, 2014

Can post name of 4.4..4 genymotion ova image file (Located in log file) that works

Kamabye commented Oct 12, 2014


That's great! Thanks =)

para los que se les ha presenado error al correr un android 4.4.4
yo agregue la siguiente configuracion en el siguiente orden dentro de las propiedades de red en VBox y me funciono:

1.- adaptador anfitrion (permitir todo)
DHCP: direccion del servidor (, mascara del servidor( limite inferior( limite superior (

2.- red internet (seleccionas NAT previamente creado, permitir todo)

3.- red NAT (permitir todo)

tomrozb commented Nov 23, 2014

@wbroek the latest update to 4.4.4 doesn't work with Genymotion (

jihlee commented Nov 24, 2014

@wbroek @tmrozb same here the file is just copied to /sdcard/download/


wbroek commented Nov 25, 2014

@monesprit54 and @tomrozb added new gapps which should work

4.4.4 Link is broken.

tomrozb commented Nov 26, 2014

@pixel-one the links work fine. I'm downloading 4.4.4 and 5.0, will let you know if something is not OK

tomrozb commented Nov 26, 2014

v5.0 works but all apps which are using Play Services crashes with:

App to test e.g. iosched available on gh

@wbroek are there any way to install gapps in android 2.3 series?

can anyone Upload latest (genymotion version 2 above) OVA with gApps... here ??

seato commented Dec 4, 2014

Same issue as @pixel-one, Google Apps for Android 4.4.4 link listed is returning a 404. The correct link can be found here.


wbroek commented Dec 12, 2014

@rnrneverdies updated with Google Apps for Android 2.3.7 (the only 2.X version Genymotion supports)


wbroek commented Dec 12, 2014

@tomrozb Genymotion released final version of 5.0 image and just installed that one, with the ARM Translation and 5.0 Google Apps and build the Iosched source and works like a charm!

there is maleware in at least in one of the dwonloadable files from !

@wbroek How did you install the ARM translation on the Lollipop VM? I have tried it several times, but it won't work (Google Play says Netflix isn't compatible with my device). Also tested it on Anrdoid 4.3 which works, so I guess I'm doing it the right way..

tomrozb commented Dec 17, 2014

@wbroek Yep, works fine with 5.0.0 final.

AAverin commented Dec 17, 2014

Latest Genymotion with 2.3.7 Gapps doesn't work. Current gapps archive has Market, not Play Store, so Google Play Services do not install

tomrozb commented Dec 17, 2014

@wbroek That's strange, on one computer it works but on the other I've problem with Google sign-in. Play Services crash on the "Checking info" screen every time. There's no way to update Play Services without Google Account signed in. Any solution for such issue?

With the latest version of the Genymotion Android 5.0 image, ARM translation still doesn't work... Trying to install Lync 2013 which is needed by my app.


wbroek commented Dec 23, 2014

@AAverin thanks for the suggestions it works!


wbroek commented Dec 23, 2014

@tomrozb try to login thru the settings? Otherwise clean install

using genymotion 2.3.7 and I just installed google nexus 4- 5.0.0 api 21 , and I couldn't install arm translation 1.1 , after drag and drop I got "Failed to flash file"

@dtrejogo I'm having the exact same issue.
First I got "Failed to flash file". Only after the third time it worked.

Now stuck on the same error with the ""
Tried many times, and still no luck.

Similar case for me, flashing "" and then "" works on one samsung galaxy s5 emulator, but doing exactly the same thing in another pc (that doesn't support cpu virtualization technology, don't know if that has anything to do with it) doesn't, fails on the second flashing with "failed to flash bla bla bla".

Use ADB to install, something like:
adb push /sdcard/Download/
adb push /sdcard/Download/
adb shell "/system/bin/ /sdcard/Download/"
adb shell "/system/bin/ /sdcard/Download/"
adb reboot

mcabel commented Jan 4, 2015

Hi, can somebody please post a link to a 4.4.4 cell and or tablet .OVA ?

corroc commented Jan 22, 2015

Hi - n00b here, first time working with all these tools.
My situation is weird - flashing "" and then "" works fine for me, but I still can't find the Play Store anywhere on the android's pages.

Can someone plz confirm that if installed correctly, the Store app should be right on same (or next) screen as Calendar, Settings, etc.


I think all of these files can now be found on

Does not work with genymotion 2.3.1 for ubuntu

Since some links are broken in the description, check this site out: Tried Download & Installing 4.1 Google Services and it worked like a charm.

Everything OK, thanks a lot!

xine05 commented Apr 26, 2015

Not able to drag & drop anything to the device, when I attempt to drag the ARM or the files to the device, the mouse changes to the black circle with a line through it and nothing happens. Have attempted with different devices and dragging the file from multiple locations, even tried to download the files directly to the device instead of using the drag/drop method. Nothing seems to work, could it be due to Windows8.1? Genymotion version is latest available on the official site.

Ajeyi commented Apr 28, 2015

Hi, when i drag the zip files onto Genymotion, i get the error: An error occured while deploying the file.
failed to copy 'C:/Users/My/Downloads/' to ''sdcard/Download' :Is a directory. The same error appears when i drag the other zip file

guelo commented Apr 29, 2015

got a 5.1 link?

Watch out that your browser doesn't decompress the file automatically. Re-zipping doesn't work for me, has to be the original file (OS X / Safari)

Everything OK! Thanks a lot!!!

newfylox commented May 8, 2015

To those having problems with version 4.1 or 4.1.1 emulators : use GApps version 20120429

It worked for me!

Does not work on latest 5.0+ images. Using 4.4.4 and it's fine.

Thnx bro! Now I'm being able to play all games - COC, Shadow Fight 2 and more! Really, you are the best.

Can't get ARM translation working with 5.1 Nexus 6 image. Any suggestions?

tomrozb commented May 27, 2015

I've tested all gapps images for 5.1 and none of them work with Android v5.1.0 on Genymotion. Any suggestions?

That link provided by AmandaRiu for 5.1 android worked for me also. Thanks dude.

tomrozb commented Jun 5, 2015

@Dariushm2 could you please provide more information on what device it works? I've tested this GApps version with Nexus 5 and Nexus 6 and it crashes all the time. I'm not sure whether or not device type changes anything except screen resolution?

@tomrozbe Also my gApps 5.1 has install problems flashing the zip on Lollipop 5.1 + Genymotion 2.5.0
I searched Google Play apk with the browser, then installed Google Play Services.apk and then manually installed all the Google apps using Playstore succesfully.

But the ARMTranlator Project is closed? No Lollipop compatibility available ?


wbroek commented Jun 26, 2015

Updated the Gist with link to the 5.1 GApps.
Tested all the Android versions (always Nexus device) and they worked all the time. Sometimes you need to reboot several times

4.4.4 error link

qludes commented Jul 6, 2015

No luck with 5.0 or 5.1 but 4.4.4 worked flawlessly, on a different PC all 3 worked.

i download genymotion 2.5 and chooseing google Nexus api 17 4.2.2 and i follow all steps in youtube until error message "failed to flash file"
what i missed in tutorial?

Yaaaayy! Worked as described. I force stopped play store a couple of times and rebooted 2-3 times before google apps stopped crashing. Thanks for sharing this and for your effort to keep it current.

-using Nexus10 4.4.4

AndreiD commented Jul 16, 2015

started new vm with android 5.1
-> drag and drop the Google Apps for Android 5.1 (
-> close vm, restart vm
-> go to google play store, error appears, app restarts. go to MY app -> update all (only google app)
-> search google maps, install
-> close , restart device. showing "Optimising apps".

that's all. working very good

axfelix commented Jul 16, 2015

I'm having trouble with other, non-Gapps, ARM applications in Android 5.1 with Genymotion (namely, the PS4 remote play application, which I wanted to try on a newer version than 4.3 where it's confirmed working, since it may need H264_MAIN support). Any suggestions?

st-f commented Jul 24, 2015

Quite frankly I'm a bit dubious here. The latest version asks for your mobile number when trying to register as a new user. And I wouldn't recommend using an existing, verified google account, well except if you check the signature etc.. but frankly even so, it's very risky.

lgtout commented Jul 28, 2015

Process was straightforward. But whenever I restart the device it pauses for a few minutes and shows the message "Android is starting... Optimizing app x of xx". Is there a way to prevent this delay? Thanks.

Links are broken -

@sayoojvalsan the - is not part of the url.
I made that mistake too.
@wbroek Maybe move the name in front of the url?

I can't login into Google Play, when it starts I get this after a while:
Genymotion - google nexus 7 2013 - 5.1.0 - api 22

Couldn't sign in
Can't establish a reliable connection to the server.
This could be a temporary problem or your Android device may not be provisioned for data services. If it continues, call Customer Care.

I can browse the playstore pages in the web browser, so I am definitely connected to the internet.

fanky10 commented Aug 18, 2015

simply thanks! Everytime I create a new android emulator with Genymotion I get here to check if the gapps is available for the OS I want to create 🎯

kamend commented Aug 26, 2015

Any luck with ARM Translation on Android 5.0 or 5.1, which image are you using? Thanks! I need to get my Unity Android projects running.

tomrozb commented Aug 28, 2015

@luckydonald did you found solution? I've exactly the same problem on one computer, but it worked on another one. I've no idea what my be wrong.

For newbies like me: How do I restart?

"C:\Program Files\Genymobile\Genymotion\tools\adb" reboot

firoze commented Aug 29, 2015

for Google Apps, I would suggest providing a link to the generic folder that sorts all links to all files by Android version instead of linking to the files themselves. The file links are likely to change randomly, but the folder link remains constant.

tapcio's instructions worked for me. I installed google play services on a 4.3 samsung galaxy s3

thanks @tapcio !

albfan commented Oct 15, 2015

Drag and drop, drag and drop... Thanks @tapcio we can always relay on our beloved terminal.

For those who don't know, adb is inside "genymotion/tools", so use it with

$ cd <genymotion_path>/tools
$ ./adb @tapcio commands

I keep getting "Your device isn't compatible with this version." when trying to install Netflix I know this is something to do with ARM-Translation but can't seem to solve it. Genymotion Device: Nexus 6 5.1.0
Fyi "/system/lib/arm" does exist so it did install.

seato commented Oct 19, 2015

Google Apps for Android 5.1 leads to a 404. @bdumeljic (thanks!) posted a working link for anyone else looking.

pierx commented Oct 23, 2015

Does anyone able to flash gapps to latest android 6.0 preview image? I'm currently using Genymotion v.2.5.4.
I already tried various 6.0 gapps but always resulting in failed to flash dialog. I tried to invoke it directly using adb with command but it seems it got issue with [ERROR][execute_update_binary].
Is this related to the ARM Translation issue? probably an update.


@pierx I have the same problem. Did you managed to solve it?
I tried like 10 different gapps for Genymoton Nexus 5X with Android 6.0.

@pierx @hristova, for 6.0 preview image, try use the 5.1 gapps

Thanks guys ! Excellent, worked without problems

Google Apps for Android 5.1 ( - doesn't work, 404

@sinistance it failed

pierx commented Nov 4, 2015

@hristova nope, not yet. Probably because the current gapps were still in alpha and there is some change in system on the Marshmallow image Preview.
@sinistace no, it won't work.

iverc commented Nov 4, 2015

Here is the working link for 5.1
but it still failed to flash. Did anyone make it work for 6.0 emulator?

what image did you use? i'm using the preview nexus 5x image. here is the steps:

  1. flash then restart.
  2. flash
  3. sign in into your google account.
  4. flash then restart.

that's all

pierx commented Nov 8, 2015

thanks @sinistance apparently flashing 5.1 on 5x preview is enough, and the link on the description is not found, use this link instead for @hristova its working now. is working for genymotion nexus5X 6.0

edit: i do not recommend to update google play services, as soon as I updated it via Play Store it started crashing constantly even after multiple reboots.

st-f commented Nov 24, 2015

Anyone has a link for gapps for marshmallow?

@sinistance thanks! That solution worked pretty well for me on the Preview Nexus 5X with Android 6.0.

This worked great for me.

golden gist, golden thread! thanks all :)

solancer commented Dec 4, 2015

If you need GApps then its recommended you download it from

naman commented Dec 5, 2015

@solancer OpenGapps pico for 5.1 is not working with Genymotion

Awesome, it worked a treat! Thanks

Shvet commented Dec 19, 2015

It is not working in Android 6.0, It gives me error,"Failed to flash file".
Any solution for this?

@Shvet can you remove the '_' in the file name and try again? It should work then

Shvet commented Dec 23, 2015

@Thunderbottom It is not working even after removing '_' from zip file.

Make sure you have the ARM translations installed and that you restart the emulator when that's done. It seems to help if you kill adb (adb kill-server) before moving on. Then, install the Google Apps for Android 5.1 ( - version on Android 6. Works for me. Though Play Services crashes pretty regularly.

6.0 (API 23) - If you use the current "" you will get into an endless app wizard crash loop.... Use the 5.1 gapps and everything work fine and get upgraded....

New available link for Genymotion ARM Translation:

I wasted hours on this, trying to set up for M (6.0 API.23) on Genymotion, but gave up, and instead used the Android stock emulator Nexus 5 API 23, which has Google Play Services already installed and ready to roll. I then carefully followed the instructions at "", and used adb.exe in a CMD shell to issue "adb -e emu finger touch 1" to (1) register a fingerprint, and (2) emulate a fingerprint touch using the Fingerprint example at "'. To my great surprise.... EVERYTHING worked perfectly. :-)

NamPNQ commented Jan 20, 2016

@xinyu-usf: Cool, tks you

Deminem commented Jan 24, 2016

@wbroek - Thanks the list is really useful! @sushihangover suggestion worked for setting up the google playstore on genymotion 6.0 (API 23).

arcao commented Jan 25, 2016

The 6.0 Gapps are crashing because they don't have the right permissions. This (TeamExodus/frameworks_base@9c36be6) has to be integrated to Genymotion Android 6.0 images.

Unfortunately I tried also flash 5.1 Gapps to Android 6.0 images with partially success. After update Google Play Services, they stopped to work and crashing all time.

@arcao you have to install it on nexus 5x

dtrejogo commented Feb 8, 2016

Making work google play services 8.1 on Android 6 was really time consuming, what finally worked for me was what @sinistance suggested.

PREVIEW - Google Nexus 5x image.

  1. flash then restart.
  2. flash
  3. sign in into your google account.
  4. flash then restart.

scana commented Feb 9, 2016

To all of people who might have problems with Genymotion and Open GApps, take a look here: opengapps/opengapps#135 (basically it's not possible anymore)

I followed dtrejogo's instructions and it worked on my nexus 5x genymotion vm. Thanks for your help.

mackayn commented Feb 11, 2016


Thanks for your instructions, worked nicely in the 5X for me including getting maps working, perfect for Android Xamarin app testing.

dheera commented Feb 16, 2016

Can the relevant files just be uploaded to Github? All of the download links are full of popups, ads, viruses, and ToS violation notices. A simple HTTP URL to download the file without further notices would be awesome. Thanks!

since getting another pc ive been having trouble with services stopping such as:

Google services framework
google play services

Anyone have any ideas why??

I worked for me, android marshmallow :

1)genymotion 2.6.0
2)device emulator PREVIEW - Google Nexus 5X - 6.0.0 - API 23 - 1080x1920
3) flash then restart.
4) flash (
5)sign in into your google account.
6) download( and restart.

It seems latest api 23 and 5x doesn't have root activated. How to enable it?
4.4 kitkat has root by default

silva96 commented Feb 25, 2016

What @sinistance says is the correct way of doing it. Worked for android 6.0 (api 23) on nexus 5 emulator.

some of the game apps like Clash of kings are crashing in android 5.1.0, genymotion 2.6.0 after installing and updating gapps ->"unfortunately Clash of kings stopped"..
when i debug it..
deadObjectException is shown may be related to keyboard problems....
can some one tell me a solution for this?

denield commented Mar 20, 2016

@Ajeyi I've just run into the same problem. I guess you've figured it out by now, but here is the solution to everyone having the same error:

If an alert says "An error occured while deploying the file", change Genymotion's ADB settings to default
(Settings -> ADB -> Use Genymotion Android tools)

jaydp17 commented Mar 21, 2016

@denield thanks for the solution!!

@esantiago1 thank you for the solution

udev commented Mar 29, 2016

Okay, I tried all of the suggestions and nothing worked so I just went through and disabled Google Play Services and Google Play Store. Somehow this setup the factory version of everything Google related and allowed me to go back and reenable everything which fixed the Google Play Services crashes and allowed me to run the setup wizard without crashing. Hopefully this helps someone else save some time.

This was after installing and before switching to

arcao commented Apr 2, 2016

I am confirming that steps from @esantiago1 works!

Here is what I did:

  1. Install a latest Genymotion (version 2.6.0 in my case). Make sure the previous old (preview) Android 6.0 images are removed (Genymotion -> Settings -> Misc -> Clear cache).
  2. Add a new virtual device, select Google Nexus 5X and Android 6.0 image. It should download a new image from Genymotion website.
  3. Start created Google Nexus 5X - 6.0.0 - API 23 - 1080x1920 virtual device.
  4. Flash (drag&drop the zip file to virtual device window) and then restart the virtual device.
  5. Flash and restart the virtual device again.
  6. Now add Google account in the virtual device via Settings -> Accounts -> Add account. Do not start Google Play! Ignore any crashes in sign in process.
  7. Flash and restart the virtual device.
  8. Open Google Play in virtual device, update all installed applications. Start Google Now with long touch on home button to force dialog with request to update Google Play Services. Update Google Play Services.
  9. Now the device is prepared with working Google Play and Google Play Services.

The links for all mentioned flash zip files are at the begin of this page.

jqol commented Apr 3, 2016

My virtual device can't make any sound after flash I tried Android 5.1 and Android 6.0. they all turned mute after I flash the ARM translation.
Anyone have any ideas why??Should I tried some lower version of Android.

jqol commented Apr 3, 2016

@arcao Hello, Is your virtual device still be able to make any sound after step 4. Mine turned mute.

arcao commented Apr 3, 2016

I just installed Youtube on that virtual device and sound works. Check if sound isn't muted.

Note: I am using Genymotion v2.6.0 and VirtualBox 5.0.16.

jqol commented Apr 3, 2016

@arcao thx for your reply. I checked VirtualBox settings again, and It works. Yay! I don't know what setting I've messed up.

rardoz commented Apr 7, 2016

I'm confirming what @arcao listed out. Those steps when followed exactly works for me. Thanks everyone. ;) v6.0 API 23

google play service is crashing using gapps from ( - on genymotion nexus 6

04-11 16:54:14.540 2421-2439/? W/ActivityThread: ClassLoader.loadClass: The class loader returned by Thread.getContextClassLoader() may fail for processes that host multiple applications. You should explicitly specify a context class loader. For example: Thread.setContextClassLoader(getClass().getClassLoader());
04-11 16:54:14.550 2421-2439/? E/AndroidRuntime: FATAL EXCEPTION: Thread-208
04-11 16:54:14.550 2421-2439/? E/AndroidRuntime: Process:, PID: 2421
04-11 16:54:14.550 2421-2439/? E/AndroidRuntime: java.lang.RuntimeException: An error occurred while executing doInBackground()
04-11 16:54:14.550 2421-2439/? E/AndroidRuntime: at android.os.AsyncTask$3.done(
04-11 16:54:14.550 2421-2439/? E/AndroidRuntime: at java.util.concurrent.FutureTask.finishCompletion(
04-11 16:54:14.550 2421-2439/? E/AndroidRuntime: at java.util.concurrent.FutureTask.setException(
04-11 16:54:14.550 2421-2439/? E/AndroidRuntime: at
04-11 16:54:14.550 2421-2439/? E/AndroidRuntime: at
04-11 16:54:14.550 2421-2439/? E/AndroidRuntime: Caused by: java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError: dlopen failed: "/system/priv-app/PrebuiltGmsCore/lib/arm/" has unexpected e_machine: 40
04-11 16:54:14.550 2421-2439/? E/AndroidRuntime: at java.lang.Runtime.loadLibrary(
04-11 16:54:14.550 2421-2439/? E/AndroidRuntime: at java.lang.System.loadLibrary(
04-11 16:54:14.550 2421-2439/? E/AndroidRuntime: at
04-11 16:54:14.550 2421-2439/? E/AndroidRuntime: at$TLSv12.(SourceFile:152)
04-11 16:54:14.550 2421-2439/? E/AndroidRuntime: at
04-11 16:54:14.550 2421-2439/? E/AndroidRuntime: at
04-11 16:54:14.550 2421-2439/? E/AndroidRuntime: at
04-11 16:54:14.550 2421-2439/? E/AndroidRuntime: at
04-11 16:54:14.550 2421-2439/? E/AndroidRuntime: at
04-11 16:54:14.550 2421-2439/? E/AndroidRuntime: at
04-11 16:54:14.550 2421-2439/? E/AndroidRuntime: at
04-11 16:54:14.550 2421-2439/? E/AndroidRuntime: at$1.connectAndSetOwner(
04-11 16:54:14.550 2421-2439/? E/AndroidRuntime: at
04-11 16:54:14.550 2421-2439/? E/AndroidRuntime: at
04-11 16:54:14.550 2421-2439/? E/AndroidRuntime: at
04-11 16:54:14.550 2421-2439/? E/AndroidRuntime: at
04-11 16:54:14.550 2421-2439/? E/AndroidRuntime: at
04-11 16:54:14.550 2421-2439/? E/AndroidRuntime: at
04-11 16:54:14.550 2421-2439/? E/AndroidRuntime: at
04-11 16:54:14.550 2421-2439/? E/AndroidRuntime: at
04-11 16:54:14.550 2421-2439/? E/AndroidRuntime: at
04-11 16:54:14.550 2421-2439/? E/AndroidRuntime: at
04-11 16:54:14.550 2421-2439/? E/AndroidRuntime: at
04-11 16:54:14.550 2421-2439/? E/AndroidRuntime: at
04-11 16:54:14.550 2421-2439/? E/AndroidRuntime: at android.os.AsyncTask$
04-11 16:54:14.550 2421-2439/? E/AndroidRuntime: at
04-11 16:54:14.550 2421-2439/? E/AndroidRuntime: at 

@hardik-d In platform 6.0 after installing ** ** you have to install (ignore crashes) sign in to your google account and then install . Reboot where ever necessary.

It seems like lacks the ability to sign in properly and hence the above methods is required as detailed by @esantiago1 & @arcao .

Couldn't get it working with 6.0 but works well with 5.1 :)

am5a03 commented Apr 21, 2016

Looks like ARM translation package is broken and cannot deploy anymore with Genymotion's latest Android build.
When I drag to the simulator, I get something like An error occurred while deploying the file

@am5a03 I have same issue. You solved it? If you done, please let me know about it. Thanks

atanana commented May 2, 2016

@am5a03 @BenjaminLee88

If an alert says "An error occured while deploying the file", change Genymotion's ADB settings to default
(Settings -> ADB -> Use Genymotion Android tools)

ITOestebanbarrios commented May 3, 2016

I worked for me, android 5 :

  1. create a device emulator PREVIEW - Google Nexus 5X - 6.0.0 - API 23 - 1080x1920
  2. install flash then restart. download here
  3. install flash download here
  4. now sign in into your google account.
  5. and now install and restart. download here

So yeah, the ARM link in the gist is actually a Malware installer!!!!

qaDream77 commented May 19, 2016

Do NOT UPDATE Genymotion. It breaks the file transfer! Custom 5.0.0 - API 21emmulator is unable to drag-and-drop flash anything.

An error occured while trying deploying the file.
failed to copy '../' to '/sdcard/Download/': Is a directory

The common solution of creating a shared folder in virtual box and having it auto mount doesn't work.

WORKING: 16, 17, 18, 19, 22, 23 work.

If anyone has a solution, please let me know.

Already tried (Didn't have to change anything, it was already set to this and doesn't do anything)
(Settings -> ADB -> Use Genymotion Android tools)

rpglord commented May 24, 2016

These instructions are incorrect, old arm translation only works on 4.x images, for android 5 or 6 you need arm translation made for these versions which can be found here :

The ITOestebanbarrios's tip works for me too! Tks!

@denield love you for the solution!

@rpglord you saved my time! thank you~~

play store stuck on loading screen :(

sshesh commented Jun 13, 2016

I tried steps mentioned by @arcao "commented on Apr 2" and confirm it worked for me on my Nexus 5X emulator with GenyMotion. Thank yo

@arcao perfect solution, thanks a lot

Hawkers commented Jun 29, 2016

Be careful. I got some bad malware from that first link there on mirrorcreator.

@arcao Thanks.

I'm using the latest version of genymotion ( 2.7.2 ) and it worked great!

amiiy commented Jul 3, 2016

thank's !!!

someone is having problems updating google play services in version 4.4.4 with last version of genymotion (2.7.2)? flashing stopped (and system freezing) at this point:

adding: /system/vendor/pittpatt/models/recognition/face.face.y0-y0-71-N-tree_7-wmd.bin (deflated 38%)
chmod: updater: No such file or directory

how to solve this problem?

multiple probes and multiple versions (Nexus 5, Nexus Nexus 5x,, 9, ... [Android 6.0]) failed to complete installation

@ricardobranco I do, did you manage to install it?

genymotion (2.7.2) Nexus 5 Android Marshmallow can't install ARM Translation.
Anyone here with same problem ?


thanks @arcao.

I have Genymotion 2.7.2 and i have google play installed with arcao's guide from 2.4.2016. But i can no play complex game. Only one game can i play. Solitaire. That is very sadly. I was with genymotion 2.6.0 happy. But on my PC that have the 2.6.0 can i not install apps. I can no aps update. I get an error. DL-....

I very sadly because the trend from this software. For me is this software death. I play games with saves in google. So i must return to bluestacks. :(

Took me a while to realize that the file name next to the GApps link wasn't a part of the link

Rcuz8 commented Jul 23, 2016

@arcao when you say "Restart the Device", you mean Quit out of the Genymotion emulator and Start up the Emutor again from the Genymotion main screen?

Rcuz8 commented Jul 23, 2016

Am I the only one who is not seeing the Google Play App on my virtual device?
I have Genymotion 2.7.2 and am using the Nexus 5X with Android 6.0 API 23. I have searched the phone but cannot find a Google Play Store app or anything related to Google Play, only general apps like contacts and settings and messaging.

I followed @arcao 's steps and everything worked perfectly up until the second to last step where you have to update things by opening Google Play. Can someone help me understand why this is the case?

For those who experienced problems with ARM Translation on Lollipop (Android 5.X), use the updated version from (hosted on Mega :!Mt8kyBxa!iVJYC7eI7ruLVoaarWIa85QOm_VlH53G0knVGpoSlAE ).

For me, it resolve errors seen (with 'adb logcat') when app crash : 'java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Unable to load native library: /data/app/xxxxxxxxxx/lib/arm/'.

Note: I'm using Genymotion v2.7.2 rev 20160613-d7856fb with a Custom Phone - 5.1.0 - API 22

@initbrain Does it work on 6.x?

anonym24 commented Sep 11, 2016

There is actually x86 Gapps available -, so we don't need this old ARM Translation anymore

It installs without problems but Play Store will always crash when open it


Yay -- the Android 6.0 gapps nano version for x86 from ( worked for me!

anonym24 commented Sep 24, 2016

@joelpurra can you start play store without errors? in which emulator you tried?

duranmla commented Oct 3, 2016

@anonym24 I think you just have to update the apps as is explained here: I haven't myself yet, I'm downloading to see if I can make it

jjacquet commented Oct 7, 2016

This is such a hack and it installed some crappy executables on my machine. Is there not an official way to run Google Play Store in Geny Motion? It seems like they're leading the industry in this space and this issue would have ben addressed.

Tested for Android 6, google play service crash, cannot connect with google play

r4dixx commented Oct 10, 2016

Hey everyone!

The reason why Google Play Services are not included by default is simply a matter of intellectual property.
But if you really need them, we've shared a fully functional (and official) way using OpenGapps.

It can be found at

Let me know if you have any questions :)

@amaels - Social Media @Genymobile

tioback commented Oct 18, 2016

Awesome, @amaels. I Just tried it and it worked flawlessly. Thank you!

jimdi commented Oct 31, 2016

@amaels doesn't work for Genymotion 2.8.0 and Google Nexus 6 VM

It works for me Samsung s6 with GAPPSapps android version 6 you suggest above!
I tried 3 GAPPS for version 6 and your Gapp flush smoothly.

Xy-joe commented Dec 7, 2016

It worked perfectly well for me on Google Nexus 4.2.2. Thanks

seanmavley commented Dec 15, 2016

For android 6 nexus 6p, doesn't work
Genymotion 2.8.1
Android 5.1 Nexus 6 also doesn't work.

same for me as well, ive tried marshamallow and nougat gapps files, i tried ARM64, and x86_x64 versions
and they all FAIL!!! i have the latest genymotion 2.8.1, VirtualBox , android studio and all apps are updated to this minute, including all SDK packages. emulator opens and works fine, i just cant install any gapps whatsoever, ANYONE????

Ahed91 commented Jan 19, 2017

tested successfully on android 5.1 genymotion 2.8.1 with one crash only Ubuntu 14.04 (with gcc-4.9 g++-4.9)
Custom Phone - 5.1.0 - API 22 - 768x1280
i flashed then restart( adb reboot).
then flashed then restart( adb reboot)
this time android message like "gapps stopped working" then ( adb reboot) - which wasn't necessary
then i run Google play -> entered email & password -> it crashed after agree on google terms (still working in the background but the GUI vanished
so i restart (adb reboot) and kill the process(VMBoxHeadless)
again start google play and agree on google play terms.
hope it will help someone

i flashed the Genymotion-ARM-Translation now when i open the nougat emulator it opens and goes to the homescreen like normal but i still cant flash GAPPS ive tried gapps from 5 different sources, XDA, Opengapps, etc....none will flash. same error as has been.

JaxGit commented Jan 30, 2017

It seems that Genymotion 2.8.1 has changed to only use x86 emulator images (possibly explained here) .

Thus, like @amaels referenced in, now we only need to use x86 architecture of OpenGapps instead of other architectures and the arm translator.

Google Nexus 4 API 22 5.1.0

Thank's @amaels

mpkossen commented Feb 5, 2017

@JaxGit have you been able to successfully install OpenGapps (x86) in Genymotion 2.8.1? Because whatever combination I try, it won't do it.

SteveJobzniak commented Mar 27, 2017

The original gist instructions are totally outdated.

You need special arm translators for Android 5.x and 6.x. And there is none for 7.x.

Here are the tools you need (as of April 2017):

5.x translator, 6.x translator, google apps installers, and supersu for rooting.

Edit: I cannot get them to run certain apps reliably... The only reliable setup I have found is to go back to Android 4.3 (on Genymotion 2.8.1) with the old school ARM Translator v1.1. Everything from Android 4.4 and up is just garbage when it comes to ARM emulation.

obieito commented Apr 10, 2017

I havent been able to use anything >4.4 with genymotion 2.8.1. Cant login to google account and so can't update anything.

saferoll commented Jun 7, 2017

I was able to install an ARM apk using the image "Google Nexus 5X - 6.0.0 - API 23 - 1080x1920" and "" from SteveJobzniak's post.

bgdos commented Aug 12, 2017


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