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Proof of concept for an interactive Taskwarrior hook. Hackish and potentially problematic, but it works.
#!/usr/bin/env python
# PoC: Interactive on-add hook
import json
import sys
t = json.loads(sys.stdin.readline())
real_stdin = open("/dev/tty", "r")
real_stdout = open("/dev/tty", "w")
if "teh" in t['description']:
real_stdout.write('You misspelled "the". Should I correct that for you? [Y/n] ')
i = real_stdin.readline().rstrip()
if i == "y" or i == "Y" or i == "":
t['description'] = t['description'].replace("teh", "the")

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@linuxcaffe linuxcaffe commented Mar 22, 2015

interesting! Proof of concept, you say?!

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