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William G. Comnisky wcomnisky

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wcomnisky / php-yield.php
Created Mar 4, 2021
PHP Yield (Generator)
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ini_set('memory_limit', '4096M');
$timeStart = microtime(true);
$mem = memory_get_usage(true);
function arange($start, $end) {
$array = array();
for ($i = $start; $i <= $end; $i++) {
$array[] = $i;
wcomnisky /
Last active Sep 15, 2021
Install PHP AMQp on MacOS
brew search librabbitmq
brew install rabbitmq-c
pecl install amqp
# set the path to librabbitmq install prefix [autodetect] : /usr/local/Cellar/rabbitmq-c/0.10.0
# if it fails follow the following (reference:
wcomnisky / zsh-iterm2-osx-shortcuts.txt
Created Mar 15, 2020
Terminal shortcuts for Mac terminal
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We all love OSX built-in shortcuts
⌥ + ← or → - move one word backward/forward
⌘ + ← or → - move to beginning/end of line
In zsh you can use ctrl + a/e to move to beginning/end of line and esc + W/B to move one word backward/forward, but that's not very handy.
Here is a solution to map ⌥ + ← / → and ⌘ + ← / → to work in iTerm2 as expected
wcomnisky /
Created Mar 15, 2020
Meld not opening when using it as git difftool on Mac OS
# Credit:
cd ${HOME}
rm -rf ./.local/share/meld
rm -f ./Library/Preferences/org.gnome.meld.plist
rm -rf "./Library/Saved Application State/org.gnome.meld.savedState/"
wcomnisky / eclipse.ini
Created Jan 10, 2019
Fix for Eclipse hangs or freezes constantly
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wcomnisky /
Created Mar 7, 2018
USB Stick read-only problem on Linux

Use one of the following to find the USB stick:

  • mount
  • df -Th

Umount it:

  • umount /dev/sd{xn}

Format it:

  • sudo mkfs.vfat /dev/sd{xn}
wcomnisky / Force removal broken packages on Ubuntu
Created Dec 18, 2017
Force removal broken packages on Ubuntu
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sudo dpkg --remove --force-remove-reinstreq pckgName
wcomnisky / Fix for Eclipse without the toolbar
Last active Dec 18, 2017
Fix for Eclipse without the toolbar
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Add the following to eclipse.ini after the --launcher.library and its value:
wcomnisky / Eclipse crash
Last active Dec 18, 2017
Eclipse crashing due to
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export SWT_GTK3=0
wcomnisky /
Last active Jan 31, 2017
Expect script to SSH-access a machine, login to another user, run x11vnc and close the session after close the VNC client
#!/usr/bin/expect --
# Argument:
# argv0 = host
# Usage:
# ip-or-hostname
spawn ssh -o StrictHostKeyChecking=no -p 22 -L 9000:localhost:5900 user@[lindex $argv 0]