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Python file with short test case for FiPy in parallel
import time
import fipy as fp
import numpy as np
L = 1.
N = 30
m = fp.GmshGrid3D(nx=N, ny=N, nz=N, dx=L / N, dy=L / N, dz=L / N)
v = fp.CellVariable(mesh=m)
v0 = np.random.random(m.numberOfCells)
v[:] = v0.copy()
eqn = fp.TransientTerm() == fp.DiffusionTerm()
eqn.solve(v, dt=1.)
v[:] = v0.copy()
print m.numberOfCells
t0 = time.time()
eqn.solve(v, dt=1.)
print time.time() - t0
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