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Emacs Cheatsheet

Emacs Cheatsheet

A cheatsheet inspired by the book "Clojure for the Brave and True".

Shortcut Keys Used

  • C = Control Key
  • M = Meta Key (Alt on PCs, Option on Macs)


  • C-a = Hold control, press 'a'.
  • C-x o = Hold control, press 'x', release both, press 'o' (oh, not zero).


Keys Description
C-x C-c Quit Emacs.
C-g Cancel any in progress keybinding/shortcut command.
C-x C-s Save current buffer.
C-x b Switch to a different buffer.
C-x k Kill/close current buffer.
C-x C-f Open a file.
C-/ Undo the last action.


In addition to the arrow keys, these keybindings allow for cursor movements.


Keys Description
M-< Move to beginning of buffer/file.
M-> Move to end of buffer/file.
C-v Move one screen forward.
M-v Move one screen backward.
C-l Center screen on position at cursor.


Keys Description
C-a Move to beginning of line.
C-e Move to end of line.
C-n Move to the next line.
C-p Move to the previous line.
M-g g Go to line.


Keys Description
M-f Move forward one word.
M-b Move backward one word.


Keys Description
C-f Move forward one character.
C-b Move backward one character.


Keys Description
C-s Regex search for text in current buffer and move to it. Press C-s again to move to next match.
C-r Same as C-s, but search in reverse.
M-% Search and replace.

Kill Ring (Copy/Cut/Paste)

Keys Description
C-spacebar Create a region (select). Use movement keys to expand the region selected. Then use copy/cut commands below.
M-w Copy region to kill ring (copy).
C-w Kill region (cut).
C-y Yank (paste).
M-y Cycle through kill ring after yanking/pasting. This is like a copy/paste clipboard.
M-d Kill/delete word starting at cursor (cut).
C-k Kill/delete line starting at cursor (cut).


Keys Description
Tab Indent line.
C-j New line and indent, equivalent to enter followed by tab.
M-\ Delete all spaces and tabs around point.
C-d Delete the next character.
M-backspace Delete previous word.
C-x space (use movement keys to select up/down).
C-x r t (type key to insert, then Enter)
Rectangle mode

Formatting Tricks

Keys Description
C-t Swap two characters at the point/cursor.
M-u Change the word at the point/cursor to uppercase.
M-l Change the word at the point/cursor to lowercase.
C-u n char Insert 'n' (a number) copies of 'char' (a character).


Keys Description
C-h k key-binding Describe the function bound to the key binding. To get this to work, you actually perform the key sequence after typing C-h k.
C-h f Describe function.

Windows and Frame

Keys Description
C-x o Switch cursor to another window.
C-x 1 Delete all other windows, leaving only the current window in the frame. This doesn’t close your buffers, and it won’t cause you to lose any work.
C-x 2 Split frame above and below.
C-x 3 Split frame side by side.
C-x 0 Delete current window.

Plugin: Cider

Clojure Files

Keys Description
C-c M-n M-n Switch to namespace of current buffer.
C-x C-e Evaluate expression immediately preceding point.
C-c C-k Compile current buffer/file.
C-c C-d C-d Display documentation for symbol under point.
M-. and M-, Navigate to source code for symbol under point and return to your original buffer.
C-c C-d C-a Apropros search; find arbitrary text across function names and documentation.


Keys Description
M-x cider-jack-in Start a REPL.
C-c C-x C-j C-j Alternative to start a REPL.
C-↑, C-↓ Cycle through REPL history.
C-enter Close parentheses and evaluate.

Plugin: Paredit

Keys Description
M-x paredit-mode Toggle paredit mode.
M-( Surround expression after point in parentheses (paredit-wrap-round).
C-→ Slurp; move closing parenthesis to the right to include next expression.
C-← Barf; move closing parenthesis to the left to exclude last expression.
C-M-f, C-M-b Move to the opening/closing parenthesis.
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