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Symfony Live CFP: State of the Symfony2 CMF project
### Title: State of the Symfony2 CMF Project
### Level: Beginner
### Brief Description
Let's face it: managing content is hard. Issues such as versioning, asset
management, content hierarchies, and inline editing are common problems
that we all endeavor to solve. Even the most custom CMS systems will consist
of the same, low-level components. In an increasingly complex world, working
in isolation is no longer a viable or preferable option.
The Symfony2 CMF project brings together all of the leading symfony
CMS projects along with many others from the community with the shared goal
of creating an open source solution for managing content in Symfony2. Managing
content is both a difficult and common problem. By leveraging the power
of the community and the flexibility of Symfony2, the project aims to enable
all developers to share common solutions to common problems so that applications
can become more advanced, dependable, and user-oriented.
Our mission statement: "The Symfony CMF project makes it easier for developers
to add CMS functionality to applications built with the Symfony2 PHP framework.
Key development principles for the provided set of bundles are scalability,
usability, documentation and testing".
In other words, the aim is not to replace CMS's like Drupal or Joomla that
invest a lot of time enabling the end user so that he/she can create entire
sites on their own. Rather, our aim is to empower the developers of
custom Symfony2 applications. We also recognize that the Symfony2 community
is too diverse for a one-size-fits-all CMS. For that reason, the Symfony CMF
is built as a group of independent Symfony2 bundles that, together, provide
all the key building blocks of a content-based system. Our hope is that
these tools will spawn the creation of multiple open source CMS solutions.
This session presents the scope of the project, the current state of development,
the architectural decisions, how to join in its development, and how to
start using these tools in your project. If you've ever created a web application
to manage content, this session is for you.
### Presenter Information
This proposal will be backed by the "Symfony CMF" project and exact presenters
aren't known yet but can be determined if/when the organizers of the conference
need to know. If accepted for both conferences, we'll likely have different
presenters for each location.
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