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Taken from Joey Rivera's tutorial on Phing in the December 2013 issue of Web & PHP Magazine. For more info, see
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<project name="DB Post Deploy Restore" default="run">
<property file="properties" />
<!-- find out what db's need to be restored and loop through the process for each -->
<target name="run">
<input propertyname="production.user">(Required) Please enter your ssh user name:</input>
<foreach list="${dbs}" param="db" target="prepare" />
<target name="prepare">
<property file="${db}.properties" />
<property name="dump.path" value="${dump.folder}${dump.file}" />
<echo msg="Cleaning the environment" />
<delete dir="${dump.folder}" includeemptydirs="true" verbose="false" failonerror="false" />
<mkdir dir="${dump.folder}" />
<exec command="chmod 775 ${dump.folder}" checkreturn="true" />
<echo msg="Fetching DB backup" />
<echo>Getting latest db backup</echo>
<exec command="scp ${production.user}@${}:${production.db.backup} ${dump.path}" checkreturn="true" outputProperty="output.dump" />
<exec command="chmod 775 ${dump.path}" />
<!-- turn off all sites using postgres so we don't get traffic that will break the restore process -->
<foreach list="${sites}" param="site" target="" />
<!-- kick people off the server -->
<echo>Restarting db service</echo>
<exec command="ssh ${production.user}@${} 'sudo /sbin/service postgresql restart'" checkreturn="true" outputProperty="output.restart" logoutput="true" />
<foreach list="${}" param="env" target="restore" />
<!-- now lets turn the sites back on -->
<foreach list="${sites}" param="site" target="sites.on" />
<target name="">
<!-- add maintenance file -->
<echo>Adding maintenance file to ${site}/${maintenance.file}</echo>
<touch file="${site}/${maintenance.file}" />
<echo>Turning off site ${site}</echo>
<exec command="${phpctl.folder} stage php stop ${site}" checkreturn="true" outputProperty="output.sites.${site}.off" logoutput="true" />
<target name="sites.on">
<echo>Turning on site ${site}</echo>
<exec command=" ${phpctl.folder} stage php start ${site}" checkreturn="true" outputProperty="output.sites.${site}.on" logoutput="true" />
<echo>Removing maintenance file ${site}/${maintenance.file}</echo>
<delete file="${site}/${maintenance.file}" />
<target name="restore">
<property name="host" value="${}" />
<property name="name" value="${${env}}" />
<property name="user" value="${${env}.db.user}" />
<exec command="psql -h ${host} -U ${user} -d ${db.login.default} -c 'drop database ${name}'" checkreturn="true" outputProperty="output.delete" />
<echo msg="${output.delete}" />
<equals arg1="${env}" arg2="staging" />
<exec command="psql -h ${host} -U ${user} -c 'create database ${name} owner ${}' -d ${db.login.default}" checkreturn="true" outputProperty="output.create" />
<echo msg="${output.create}" />
<exec command="pg_restore -h ${host} -U ${user} -d ${name} ${dump.path}" checkreturn="true" outputProperty="output.restore" />
<echo msg="DB restored" />
<exec command="psql -h ${host} -U ${user} -c 'create database ${name} owner ${} template ${db.template}' -d ${db.login.default}" checkreturn="true" outputProperty="output.create" />
<echo msg="${output.create}" />
<!-- Now check if we need to manipulate data -->
<available file="${name}.sql" property="script.found" type="file" filepath="${script.folder}" />
<equals arg1="${script.found}" arg2="true" />
<property name="script.path" value="${script.folder}${name}.sql" />
<echo msg="Script found for ${name}, executing" />
<exec command="psql -h ${host} -U ${user} -f ${script.path} ${name}" checkreturn="true" outputProperty="output.file" />
<echo msg="${output.file}" />
// the properties file looks something like this...
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