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J Webb webbj74

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webbj74 / getnarrative.php
Created Sep 28, 2016
Sample Narrative API Client
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#!/usr/bin/env php
// Make sure this file is executable (chmod +x getnarrative.php)
// Run as:
// $ ./getnarrative.php <bearerToken>
// See: for method to fetch token
if (empty($argv[1])) {

title: This is my title created: 20160806152645348 modified: 20160806152717955 tags: multi-line-field: | line1 line2 complex-field: - line1

webbj74 /
Last active Sep 6, 2017
Setup multiple versions of PHP on OSX using homebrew
#!/usr/bin/env bash
# Use this script to install or re-install multiple versions of PHP
# You should be able to re-run the script multiple times; it will update/reinstall what it needs.
# Check OS
if [ "${OSTYPE//[0-9.]/}" != "darwin" ]; then
echo "This script is intended for OSX users."

Keybase proof

I hereby claim:

  • I am webbj74 on github.
  • I am webbj ( on keybase.
  • I have a public key whose fingerprint is C608 45C9 8B36 489B BBA8 7CF7 3072 3AF4 B048 09F9

To claim this, I am signing this object:

View email-me.xml
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<Say voice="man" language="en">Hello and welcome to the twenty first century. I no longer accept phone calls. Please email me.</Say>
<Pause length="1"/>
<Say voice="woman" language="en">Let me repeat that. I no longer accept phone calls. Please email me.</Say>
<Pause length="1"/>
<Say voice="alice" language="en-US">Message 1 0 2</Say>
webbj74 / init-org.el
Created Sep 22, 2015
org-mode file+function capture template example
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;; I am not a regular emacs user and haven't played with lisp for many years.
;; I struggled for a couple of days trying to tweak org-capture-templates to
;; get my desired behavior for journal entries. I hope this helps someone!
;; I have been following the excellent guide
;; The "journal" template was the one I wanted to tweak. I use a date-based
;; journal filename, e.g. "". The contents of the
;; file consist of a top-level headline with a human-friendly date, followed
;; by second-level headline with the time and brief journal note. For example:
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name = Your Name
email =
pager = /usr/bin/less -+$LESS -FRX
excludesfile = ~/.gitignore-global
editor = vim
webbj74 / behat.yml
Last active Aug 29, 2015
Alter the curl timeout when using behat and goutte
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# Problem:
# Behat tests fail with messages like:
# [curl] 28: Operation timed out after 30096 milliseconds with 0 bytes received
# Reason:
# By default, goutte sets CURLOPT_TIMEOUT to 30 seconds
# Solution:
webbj74 / name.webbj74
Created Jun 13, 2014
OSX Packet Filter Rules for using VPN
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# OSX packet filter rules
# References:
# *
# The purpose of this config is to make sure that my system uses the
# privateInternetAccess VPN connection for everything and not to communicate
# unencrypted when the VPN connection goes down. Therefore, I block
# everything on the physical interfaces except for ICMP, DHCP, DNS and the
webbj74 / webbj74.pp
Last active Jan 2, 2016
Personal Boxen manifest
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# Personal Boxen Manifest
# File: /opt/boxen/repo/modules/people/manifests/webbj74.pp
# Requires the following added to Puppetfile:
# github "adium", "1.3.0"
# github "autoconf", "1.0.0"
# github "chrome", "1.1.2"
# github "fitbit", "", :repo => "webbj74/puppet-fitbit"
# github "iterm2", "1.0.4"
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